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Helping you to adopt Apache Kafka at scale

OSO - The Kafka Experts

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OSO is on a journey to become the number one Kafka consulting company in Europe.

Our mission is to help teams build event driven applications on Kafka to enable real-time access to your data and introduce meaningful innovations that drive business growth.

What we do? 🤓

We offer a variety of tailored consultancy services and bring industry-leading expertise to support Apache Kafka in your organisation.

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Access a team of Kafka experts who will answer all your Kafka questions! Check out our Kafka Services page, follow us on Twitter or send us an email


  1. A Kafka / Confluent GitOps workflow example for multi-env deployments with Flux, Kustomize, Helm and Confluent For Kubernetes (CFK) Operator

    Makefile 7 11

  2. Playground for Kafka / Confluent Kubernetes experimentations

    Python 15 5

  3. Terraform Module for deploying best practice HA Confluent Platform on Azure

    HCL 9 4

  4. Tableau on demand is now enterprise ready, fully automated Tableau Server solution

    HCL 6 5

  5. A fully automated Confluent Platform deployment using GitOps. Showcases multi namespaced environments and the Terraform Confluent Provider.

    HCL 3 1

  6. AWS Tagging policy and naming convention for all resources created within any AWS accounts under the AWS Master Account.

    80 17


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