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Helps you to create captcha for your forms with multiple options.
Available options are:

1.Background color
2.Text color
3.Noise in Background
4.Noise in Text
Additional functions(ttf/otf files must be saved in utils/ttfs  folder to use the following options)
5.Letter Type (Plane or distorted)
6.Allowed symbols(characters)
8.Letter Size

Open previewCaptcha.php in browser for customization
You can preview the captcha with different settings by hovering mouse over "Hover Mouse here to preview Captcha with entered settings" text

Once you hover ,the url of the currently previewed captcha will be written below it.So you could copy it to use it as captcha image source

At any time you could also test how the captcha works with the current settings by clicking "Test Captcha with current settings" link

PS:inorder to use options 5 to 8(Letter Type (Plane or distorted),Allowed symbols(characters),Font,Letter Size),If you are downloading from, you should manuallly add atleast one TTF/OTF File in the utils/ttfs folder before you open previewCaptcha.php in browser
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