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@osoumen osoumen released this 01 Nov 13:12
  • 保存復帰後FIRフィルタの設定値がスライダー設定値に置き換えられる動作を設定値が保持されるように修正
  • ループポイントがファイル終端付近にあるbrrファイルが正常に読めなくなっていたのを修正
  • 正しくループしないspc,smcが出力される場合があった問題の修正



  • Fixed the FIR filter setting value to be retained instead of being replaced with the slider setting value after saving and restoring.
  • Fixed a brr file with a loop point near the end of the file not being processed correctly.
  • Fixed the problem that spc and smc that did not loop correctly were sometimes output.

If there is a problem with the UI in the normal version, it may be improved by using the "_uifix" version.

found a problem with the VST version, so I replaced the binary. (2021.11.01)