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Osoyoo :TB6612FNG test code
You can upload this sketch to the balance robot
int STBY = 8; //set the EN pin
//Motor A
int PWMA = 9; //PWM output pin for Motor A
int AIN1 = 7; //positive pole for Motor A
int AIN2 = 6; //negative pole for Motor A
//Motor B
int PWMB = 10; //PWM output pin for Motor B
int BIN1 = 13; //positive pole for Motor B
int BIN2 = 12; //negative pole for Motor B
void setup(){
pinMode(STBY, OUTPUT);
pinMode(PWMA, OUTPUT);
pinMode(AIN1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(AIN2, OUTPUT);
pinMode(PWMB, OUTPUT);
pinMode(BIN1, OUTPUT);
pinMode(BIN2, OUTPUT);
void runset(int motor, int speed, int direction){
digitalWrite(STBY, HIGH); //EN PIN
boolean Pin1 = LOW;
boolean Pin2 = HIGH;
if(direction == 1){
Pin1 = HIGH;
Pin2 = LOW;
if(motor == 1){
digitalWrite(AIN1, Pin1);
digitalWrite(AIN2, Pin2);
analogWrite(PWMA, speed);
digitalWrite(BIN1, Pin1);
digitalWrite(BIN2, Pin2);
analogWrite(PWMB, speed);
void loop(){
runset(1, 255, 1); //The motor A is moving forward at full speed.
runset(2, 255, 1); //The motor B is moving forward at full speed.
delay(1000); //1秒
stop(); //STOP
delay(250); //The two rounds go forward
runset(1, 128, 0); //MOTOR A Turn left at half speed.
runset(2, 128, 0); //MOTOR B Turn left at half speed.
void stop(){
digitalWrite(STBY, LOW);