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RN MenuBar for macOS sample Project

This is a sample project of how you can create a menu bar app on macOS using react-native and the newly released react-native-macos, if you want to create one yourself you can follow the steps from my Blog

Image description


Not all is without pains, react-native-macos is so new, none of the native libraries will work, react-native-vector-icons work fine if you follow the mac os steps, but the pod installation is messed up.

You also don't have react-navigation, at least the latest version, you will have to make due with the old v2 branch that uses pure javascript.

React-native-vector-icons has been linked already on this project, so you can use directly and I also added a "macos:install" command so you can do a pod install, despite vector-icons autolinking not supporting macos for the moment


Feel free to message me on Twitter if you have some questions or if you want to support me, check out Tempomat on the app store

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