@johguenther johguenther released this Mar 1, 2016 · 4397 commits to master since this release

Assets 10
  • Volume rendering now integrated into the "scivis" renderer
  • Volumes are rendered in the same way the "dvr" volume renderer
    renders them
  • Ambient occlusion works with implicit isosurfaces, with a known
    visual quality/performance trade-off
  • Intel® Xeon Phi™ (codename Knights Corner) COI device and build
    infrastructure restored (volume rendering is known to still be
  • New support for CPack built OSPRay binary redistributable packages
  • Add support for HDRI lighting in path tracer
  • Add ospRemoveVolume() API call
  • Add ability to render a subsection of the full view into the entire
    framebuffer in the perspective camera
  • Many miscellaneous cleanups, bugfixes, and improvements:
  • The depthbuffer is now correctly populated by in the "scivis"
  • Updated default renderer to be "ao1" in ospModelViewer
  • Trianglemesh postIntersect shading is now 64-bit safe
  • Texture2D has been reworked, with many improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed bug where MPI device would freeze while rendering frames
    with TBB
  • Updates to CMake with better error messages when TBB is missing