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  • New OSPRay 'SDK'
  • OSPRay internal headers are now installed, enabling applications
    to extend OSPRay from a binary install
  • CMake macros for OSPRay and ISPC configuration now a part of
    binary releases
    - CMake clients use them by calling
    include(${OSPRAY_USE_FILE}) in their CMake code after
    calling find_package(ospray)
  • New OSPRay C++ wrapper classes
    - These act as a thin layer on top of OSPRay object handles,
    where multiple wrappers will share the same underlying
    handle when assigned, copied, or moved
    - New OSPRay objects are only created when a class instance is
    explicity constructed
    - C++ users are encouraged to use these over the ospray.h
  • Complete rework of sample applications
  • New shared code for parsing the commandline
  • Save/load of transfer functions now handled through a separate
    library which does not depend on Qt
  • Added ospCvtParaViewTfcn utility, which enables
    ospVolumeViewer to load color maps from ParaView
  • GLUT based sample viewer updates
    - Rename of ospModelViewer to ospGlutViewer
    - GLUT viewer now supports volume rendering
    - Command mode with preliminary scripting capabilities,
    enabled by pressing ':' key (not available when using
    Intel C++ compiler (icc))
  • Enhanced support of sample applications on Windows
  • New minimum ISPC version is 1.9.0
  • Support of Intel® AVX-512 for second generation Intel® Xeon Phi™
    processor (codename Knights Landing) is now a part of the
    OSPRAY_BUILD_ISA CMake build configuration
  • Compiling AVX-512 requires icc to be enabled as a build option
  • Enhanced error messages when ospLoadModule() fails
  • Added OSP_FB_RGBA32F support in the DistributedFrameBuffer
  • Updated Glass shader in the PathTracer
  • Many miscellaneous cleanups, bugfixes, and improvements