@jeffamstutz jeffamstutz released this Sep 29, 2017 · 1317 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • New adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) and unstructured tetrahedral volume types
  • Dynamic load balancing is now implemented for the mpi_offload device
  • Many improvements and fixes to the available path tracer materials
    • Specular lobe of OBJMaterial uses Blinn-Phong for more
      realistic highlights
    • Metal accepts spectral samples of complex refraction index
    • ThinGlass behaves consistent to Glass and can texture
      attenuation color
  • Added Russian roulette termination to path tracer
  • SciVis OBJMaterial accepts texture coordinate transformations
  • Applications can now access depth information in MPI distributed uses of
    OSPRay (both mpi_offload and mpi_distributed devices)
  • Many robustness fixes for both the mpi_offload and mpi_distributed
    devices through improvements to the mpi_common and mpi_maml
    infrastructure libraries
  • Major sample app cleanups:
    • ospray_sg library is the new basis for building apps, which
      is a scenegraph implementation
    • Old (unused) libraries have been removed: miniSG, commandline,
      importer, loaders, and scripting
    • Some removed functionality (such as scripting) may be reintroduced in
      the new infrastructure later, though most features have
      remained and have been improved
    • Optional improved texture loading has been transitioned
      from ImageMagick to OpenImageIO
  • Many cleanups, bug fixes, and improvements to ospray_common and
    other support libraries
  • This will be the last release in which we support MSVC12
    (Visual Studio 2013). Future releases will require VS2015 or newer