@jeffamstutz jeffamstutz released this Mar 8, 2018 · 767 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • TetrahedralVolume now generalized to take both tet and hex data, now called
  • New function for creating materials (ospNewMaterial2) which takes the
    renderer type string, not a renderer instance (the old version is now
  • New tonemapper PixelOp for tone mapping final frames
  • Streamlines now support per-vertex radii and smooth interpolation
  • ospray_sg headers are now installed alongside the SDK
  • Core OSPRay ispc device now implemented as a module
    • Devices which implement the public API are no longer required to link
      the dependencies to core OSPRay (e.g. Embree v2.x)
    • By default, ospInit will load the ispc module if a device was not
      created via --osp:mpi or --osp:device:[name]
  • MPI devices can now accept an existing world communicator instead of always
    creating their own
  • Added ability to control ISPC specific optimization flags via CMake options
    • See the various ISPC_FLAGS_* variables to control which flags get used
  • Enhancements to sample applications
    • ospray_sg (and thus ospExampleViewer/ospBenchmark) can now be
      extended with new scene data importers via modules or the SDK
    • Updated ospTutorial examples to properly call ospRelease()
    • New options in the ospExampleViewer GUI to showcase new features
      • SRGB frame buffers, tone mapping, etc.
  • General bug fixes
    • Fixes to geometries with multiple emissive materials
    • Improvements to precision of ray-sphere intersections