@jeffamstutz jeffamstutz released this May 15, 2018 · 352 commits to master since this release

Assets 8
  • Updated ISPC device to use Embree v3.1+
  • Added new ospShutdown API function to aid in correctness and determinism
    of OSPRay API cleanup
  • Added Principled and CarPaint materials to the path tracer
  • Improved flexibility of the tone mapper
  • Improvements to UnstructuredVolume
    • Implemented support for wedges (in addition to tets and hexes)
    • Implemented support for implicit isosurface geometry
    • Implemented support for cell-centered data (as an alternative to
      per-vertex data)
    • Added an option to precompute normals, providing a memory/performance
      tradeoff for applications
  • Implemented QuadMesh geometry type to handle quads directly
  • Implemented the ability to set 'void' cell values in all volume types
    • When nan is present as a volume's cell value the volume sample will be
      ignored by the scivis renderer
  • Fixed support for color strides which were not multiples of sizeof(float)
  • Added support for RGBA8 color format to Spheres, which can be set by
    specifying the "colorFormat" parameter as OSP_UCHAR4, or passing the
    "colorData" through an OSPData of OSP_UCHAR4.
  • Added ability to configure Embree scene flags via OSPModel parameters
  • ospFreeFrameBuffer has been deprecated in favor of using ospRelease to
    free frame buffer handles
  • Fixed memory leak caused by incorrect parameter reference counts in ISPC
  • Fixed occasional crashes in the MPIOffload device on shutdown
  • Various improvements to sample apps and ospray_sg
    • Added new generator nodes, allowing the ability to inject
      programmatically generated scene data (only C++ for now)
    • Bugfixes and improvements to enhance stability and usability