@jeffamstutz jeffamstutz released this Feb 5, 2019 · 14 commits to master since this release

  • This will be the last minor revision of OSPRay. Future development
    effort in the devel branch will be dedicated to v2.0 API changes
    and may break existing v1.x applications.
    • This will also be the last version of OSPRay to include
      ospray_sg and the Example Viewer. Users which depend on these
      should instead use the separate OSPRay Studio project, where
      ospray_sg will be migrated.
    • We will continue to support patch releases of v1.8.x in case of
      any reported bugs
  • Refactored CMake to use newer CMake concepts
    • All targets are now exported in OSPRay installs and can be
      consumed by client projects with associated includes, libraries,
      and definitions
    • OSPRay now requires CMake v3.1 to build
    • See documentation for more details
  • Added new minimal tutorial apps to replace the more complex Example
  • Added new "subdivision" geometry type to support subdivision
  • Added support for texture formats L8, LA8 (gamma-encoded
    luminance), and RA8 (linear two component). Note that the enum
    OSP_TEXTURE_FORMAT_INVALID changed its value, thus recompilation
    may be necessary.
  • Automatic epsilon handling, which removes the "epsilon" parameter
    on all renderers
  • Normals in framebuffer channel OSP_FB_NORMAL are now in
  • Added support for Intel® Open Image Denoise to the Example Viewer
    • This same integration will soon be ported to OSPRay Studio
  • Fixed artifacts for scaled instances of spheres, cylinders and
  • Improvements to precision of intersections with cylinders and
  • Fixed Quadlight: the emitting side is now indeed in direction
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