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An application to showcase OSPRay's rendering capabilities
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OSPRay Studio

OSPRay Studio is an application to showcase OSPRay's rendering capabilities. It builds on the ospray_sg scene graph library found in the OSPRay project.

NOTE: This project is currently in a "pre-alpha" state and is subject to changes at any time...stability is not (yet) guaranteed!

Build Instructions

OSPRay Studio's only dependency is OSPRay itself (1.7.0+). It is assumed that there exists an OSPRay install somewhere, which you can point to with ospray_DIR either as an environment variable or CMake variable. Thus to build, follow these steps:

  1. Clone the source
git clone
  1. Create a build directory
cd ospray_studio
mkdir build
cd build
  1. Run CMake
cmake ..
  1. Compile
make -j `nproc`
  1. Run!
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