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* Copyright (c) 2014-present, The osquery authors
* This source code is licensed as defined by the LICENSE file found in the
* root directory of this source tree.
* SPDX-License-Identifier: (Apache-2.0 OR GPL-2.0-only)
#pragma once
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <sys/inotify.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <osquery/events/eventpublisher.h>
#include <osquery/events/pathset.h>
#include <osquery/events/subscription.h>
namespace osquery {
extern std::map<int, std::string> kMaskActions;
extern const uint32_t kFileDefaultMasks;
extern const uint32_t kFileAccessMasks;
// INotifySubscriptionContext containers
using PathDescriptorMap = std::map<std::string, int>;
using DescriptorPathMap = std::map<int, std::string>;
using PathStatusChangeTimeMap = std::map<std::string, time_t>;
* @brief Subscription details for INotifyEventPublisher events.
* This context is specific to INotifyEventPublisher. It allows the
* subscribing EventSubscriber to set a path (file or directory) and a
* limited action mask.
* Events are passed to the EventSubscriber if they match the context
* path (or anything within a directory if the path is a directory) and if the
* event action is part of the mask. If the mask is 0 then all actions are
* passed to the EventSubscriber.
struct INotifySubscriptionContext : public SubscriptionContext {
/// Subscription the following filesystem path.
std::string path;
/// original path, read from config
std::string opath;
/// Limit the `inotify` actions to the subscription mask (if not 0).
uint32_t mask{0};
/// Treat this path as a directory and subscription recursively.
bool recursive{false};
/// Save the category this path originated form within the config.
std::string category;
/// Lazy deletion of a subscription.
bool mark_for_deletion{false};
* @brief Helper method to map a string action to `inotify` action mask bit.
* This helper method will set the `mask` value for this SubscriptionContext.
* @param action The string action, a value in kMaskAction%s.
void requireAction(const std::string& action) {
for (const auto& bit : kMaskActions) {
if (action == bit.second) {
mask = mask | bit.first;
/// A configure-time pattern was expanded to match absolute paths.
bool recursive_match{false};
/// Map of inotify watch file descriptor to watched path string.
DescriptorPathMap descriptor_paths_;
/// Map of path and status change time of file/directory.
PathStatusChangeTimeMap path_sc_time_;
friend class INotifyEventPublisher;
/// Overloaded '==' operator, to check if two inotify subscriptions are same.
inline bool operator==(const INotifySubscriptionContext& lsc,
const INotifySubscriptionContext& rsc) {
return ((lsc.category == rsc.category) && (lsc.opath == rsc.opath));
using INotifySubscriptionContextRef =
* @brief Event details for INotifyEventPublisher events.
struct INotifyEventContext : public EventContext {
/// The inotify_event structure if the EventSubscriber want to interact.
std::unique_ptr<struct inotify_event> event{nullptr};
/// A string path parsed from the inotify_event.
std::string path;
/// A string action representing the event action `inotify` bit.
std::string action;
/// A no-op event transaction id.
uint32_t transaction_id{0};
/// This event ctx belongs to isub_ctx
INotifySubscriptionContextRef isub_ctx;
using INotifyEventContextRef = std::shared_ptr<INotifyEventContext>;
// Publisher container
using DescriptorINotifySubCtxMap = std::map<int, INotifySubscriptionContextRef>;
using ExcludePathSet = PathSet<patternedPath>;
* @brief A Linux `inotify` EventPublisher.
* This EventPublisher allows EventSubscriber%s to subscription for Linux
*`inotify` events.
* Since these events are limited this EventPublisher will optimize the watch
* descriptors, keep track of the usage, implement optimizations/priority
* where possible, and abstract file system events to a path/action context.
* Uses INotifySubscriptionContext and INotifyEventContext for subscriptioning,
class INotifyEventPublisher
: public EventPublisher<INotifySubscriptionContext, INotifyEventContext> {
//@param unit_test publisher is instantiated for unit test.
INotifyEventPublisher(bool unit_test = false)
: inotify_sanity_check(unit_test) {}
virtual ~INotifyEventPublisher() {
/// Create an `inotify` handle descriptor.
Status setUp() override;
/// The configuration finished loading or was updated.
void configure() override;
/// Release the `inotify` handle descriptor.
void tearDown() override;
/// The calling for beginning the thread's run loop.
Status run() override;
/// Mark for delete, subscriptions.
void removeSubscriptions(const std::string& subscriber) override;
/// Only add the subscription, if it not already part of subscription list.
Status addSubscription(const SubscriptionRef& subscription) override;
/// Helper/specialized event context creation.
INotifyEventContextRef createEventContextFrom(
struct inotify_event* event) const;
/// Check if the application-global `inotify` handle is alive.
bool isHandleOpen() const {
return inotify_handle_ > 0;
/// Check all added Subscription%s for a path.
/// Used for sanity check from unit test(s).
bool isPathMonitored(const std::string& path) const;
* @brief Add an INotify watch (monitor) on this path.
* Check if a given path is already monitored (perhaps the parent path) has
* and existing monitor and this is a non-directory leaf? On success the
* file descriptor is stored for lookup when events fire.
* A recursive flag will tell addMonitor to enumerate all subdirectories
* recursively and add monitors to them.
* @param path complete (non-glob) canonical path to monitor.
* @param subscription context tracking the path.
* @param recursive perform a single recursive search of subdirectories.
* @param add_watch (testing only) should an inotify watch be created.
* @return success if the inotify watch was created.
bool addMonitor(const std::string& path,
INotifySubscriptionContextRef& isc,
uint32_t mask,
bool recursive,
bool add_watch = true);
* Some decision making code refactored in needMonitoring before calling
* addMonitor in the context of monitorSubscription.
* Decision to call addMonitor from the context of monitorSubscription
* is done based on the status change time of file/directory, since
* creation time is not available on linux.
bool needMonitoring(const std::string& path,
INotifySubscriptionContextRef& isc,
uint32_t mask,
bool recursive,
bool add_watch);
/// Helper method to parse a subscription and add an equivalent monitor.
bool monitorSubscription(INotifySubscriptionContextRef& sc,
bool add_watch = true);
/// Build the set of excluded paths for which events are not to be propagated.
void buildExcludePathsSet();
/// Remove an INotify watch (monitor) from our tracking.
bool removeMonitor(int watch, bool force = false, bool batch_del = false);
/// Given a SubscriptionContext and INotifyEventContext match path and action.
bool shouldFire(const INotifySubscriptionContextRef& mc,
const INotifyEventContextRef& ec) const override;
/// Get the INotify file descriptor.
int getHandle() const {
return inotify_handle_;
/// Get the number of actual INotify active descriptors.
size_t numDescriptors() const {
return descriptor_inosubctx_.size();
/// If we overflow, try to read more events from OS at time.
void handleOverflow();
/// Map of watched path string to inotify watch file descriptor.
/// Used for sanity check from unit test(s).
PathDescriptorMap path_descriptors_;
/// Map of inotify watch file descriptor to subscription context.
DescriptorINotifySubCtxMap descriptor_inosubctx_;
/// Events pertaining to these paths not to be propagated.
ExcludePathSet exclude_paths_;
/// The inotify file descriptor handle.
std::atomic<int> inotify_handle_{-1};
/// Time in seconds of the last inotify overflow.
std::atomic<int> last_overflow_{-1};
/// Tracks how many events to be received from OS.
size_t inotify_events_{16};
/// Enable for sanity check from unit test(s).
bool inotify_sanity_check{false};
* @brief Scratch space for reading INotify responses.
* We place this here, and include a mutex to do heap/lazy allocation of the
* near-3k buffer when the publisher loads. This reduces the need to stack
* allocate a local buffer every 200mils and also improves the eventless-case.
* Allocated during setUp, removed in tearDown, protected by scratch_mutex_.
char* scratch_{nullptr};
/// Access to path and descriptor mappings.
mutable Mutex path_mutex_;
/// Access the Inofity response scratch space.
mutable Mutex scratch_mutex_;
friend class INotifyTests;
FRIEND_TEST(INotifyTests, test_inotify_init);
FRIEND_TEST(INotifyTests, test_inotify_optimization);
FRIEND_TEST(INotifyTests, DISABLED_test_inotify_recursion);
FRIEND_TEST(INotifyTests, test_inotify_match_subscription);
FRIEND_TEST(INotifyTests, test_inotify_embedded_wildcards);