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Gecko Zigbee Python interface

This is a pure Python implementation of a IEEE802.15.4 and ZigBee network stack that works with MicroPython.

It was developed for the Silicon Labs Gecko boards used in Ikea Tradfri devices. The firmware port of MicroPython lives in osresearch/micropython/ports/efm32. The underlying ZigBee radio interface also lives in the machine specific port for that board; this is the hardware agnostic software stack that processes the packets.

For more information on the project, see Ikea+Micropython lightning talk.


Ikea Tradfri remote with header attached

See the README in the MicroPython port for details on building and installing using OpenOCD + SWD.

Using you can install all of the code from the ZbPy directory into the flash on the device.

ZigBee network layers

  • Phyiscal layer (handled by the radio, supported via import Radio)
  • IEEE802.15.4: import ZbPy.IEEE802154
  • NWK - Network Layer: import ZbPy.ZigbeeNetwork
  • Security Layer (not really a layer, an optional part of the NWK header)
  • APS - Application Support Layer: import ZbPy.ZigbeeApplication
  • ZCL - ZigBee Cluster Library: import ZbPy.ZigbeeCluster

Most of the layers are sufficiently implemented to join an existing Zigbee network, receive a 16-bit short network address, decrypt+validate and encrypt+mac messages encrypted with the AES-CCM mode.

The Application and Cluster layers are only partially implemented right now; the messages are decoded but not mapped to functionality. Perhaps parts of ZigPy can be ported to MicroPython to provide these mappings.

Debugging Zigbee

It is easiest to use zbsniff in this tree, talking to an Ikea device on /dev/ttyACM0, which will output a PCAP file on stdout. You can pipe this to wireshark to trace what is going on:

zbsniff | wireshark -k -i -

However, there is lots of "noise" in the Zigbee protocol with repeat messages, acks, etc that make the wireshark display messy.

Don't display acks: !(wpan.frame_type == 0x2) Don't display repeats: (!(wpan.frame_type == 0x1) || wpan.src16 == zbee_nwk.src)


MicroPython IEEE802.15.4 / Zigbee parser






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