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macOS 10.15 GitHub action [![Build Status](brew test-bot)


Homebrew tap for osrf simulation software

To use:

brew tap osrf/simulation
brew install ignition-citadel

Bottle status

Ignition Dome

Ignition Citadel

Ignition Blueprint

To build bottles

The jenkins instance is used for building bottles with the following job (configured in brew_release.dsl):

This jenkins job is triggered for pull requests when an administrator makes a comment on the pull request that includes the phrase build bottle. The job should appear in the GitHub build status interface for the latest commit:

GitHub build status interface screenshot

For example, #1157 was created after running our script and this comment triggered the bottle build, resulting in a successful bottle upload and a4793387.

Bottle builds are not triggered automatically for every pull request for several reasons:

  • Not all pull requests require a bottle to be rebuilt (such as #1007 that added this text to the README)
  • Successful bottle builds result in binary artifacts being immediately uploaded to our hosting provider so pull requests should be screened for malicious intent by administrators before triggering a bottle build.
    • This process differs from the approach taken by homebrew/homebrew-core whose bottles are hosted at Bintray, which has a different publishing mechanism than s3. Files uploaded to Bintray are not immediately available for public download; they must first be published. If they are not published within 7 days of upload, they are automatically deleted. The homebrew-core CI jobs will build bottles for any incoming pull request, which will upload bottles directly to bintray, but these bottles will not be publicly available unless the pull request is merged by a homebrew maintainer within 7 days.


  • Does a new bottle need to be built for every homebrew pull request?

    • A new bottle is not needed for all pull requests. For example, updates to documentation or a formula's test do block do not change the installed binary and thus don't require a new bottle. Changing the tarball url, adding patches, or bumping the formula revision do require new bottles. If you aren't sure, just ask in the pull request.
  • Do I need to wait for the brew test-bot / test-bot GitHub action to succeed for starting a bottle build?

    • No, you don't need to wait. You can start the bottle build as soon as the pull request is opened.
  • When can I merge a pull request? Does CI need to be finished?

    • Yes, CI must be finished and successful. If a new bottle is needed, the generic-release-homebrew_triggered_bottle_builder job must be successful as well.
  • I commented build bottle, but it did not start a generic-release-homebrew_triggered_bottle_builder job.

  • I ran the script multiple times for the same release and commented build bottle on the pull request, but the bottle building job failed, with console output containing the text Warning: Formula reports different SHA256:.

    • It's possible that the tarball uploaded at the time the pull request was created was overwritten by a subsequent call to (see ignition-tooling/release-tools#274). If so, update the sha256 field for the tarball (see #1156 and 57fa5defcce for an example).

Jenkins implementation details

The generic-release-homebrew_triggered_bottle_builder jenkins job currently builds bottles for macOS 10.13 high_sierra and 10.14 mojave using the following job configurations and the homebrew_bottle_creation.bash script:

If the bottle building job finishes without errors for each build configuration, it will trigger a subsequent repository_uploader_packages job that uploads the bottles to s3 and a generic-release-homebrew_pr_bottle_hash_updater job that commits the changes in bottle sha256 values to the pull request branch using this script.


Homebrew tap for osrf simulation software




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