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MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge Simulator

This repository contains simulation software created for the MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge.

This simulator will be enhanced with additional features throughout the simulation phase of the MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge.



  • Platform: Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal)
  • Ignition Fortress
  • ROS2 Galactic

See Installation instructions for:

Installation from Source

  1. Create a colcon workspace and clone the mbzirc repo

    mkdir -p ~/mbzirc_ws/src
    cd ~/mbzirc_ws/src
    git clone
  2. Clone the ros_ign repo and check out the galactic branch

    cd ~/mbzirc_ws/src
    git clone -b galactic
  3. Install dependencies using rosdep

    cd ~/mbzirc_ws
    rosdep update
    rosdep install -r --from-paths src -i -y --rosdistro galactic

    Make sure the ros-galactic-mavros-msgs package is installed, e.g.

    dpkg -l | grep ros-galactic-mavros-msgs

    If not, install it:

    sudo apt install ros-galactic-mavros-msgs
  4. Build the workspace

    cd ~/mbzirc_ws
    IGNITION_VERSION=fortress colcon build --merge-install

    Note: Make sure to set the IGNITION_VERSION to fortress. This is needed for building the ros_ign package.

Docker setup

Docker images are available on Docker Hub:

  1. Pull the latest version of the docker image

    docker pull osrf/mbzirc:mbzirc_sim_latest
  2. Clone the repo and launch a Docker container from the image using the run.bash script. Note: requires nvidia-docker2

    git clone
    cd mbzirc/docker
    bash run.bash osrf/mbzirc:mbzirc_sim_latest  /bin/bash

To build a docker image of the simulator locally:

  1. Navigate to the docker directory and build the mbzirc_sim Docker image

    cd mbzirc
    bash docker/build.bash mbzirc_sim
  2. The process can take a few minutes. Once it is done, you can launch the Docker container:

    cd docker
    bash run.bash mbzirc_sim

Running the simulator

Please see the wiki: