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The Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC), organised by ASPIRE (, will be held in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, in 2023, where tech innovators will participate to accelerate innovation in marine safety and security solutions to take home more than US$3 million in prize money. The current episode, MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge, is focused on maritime safety and security.

The Challenge is open to international universities, research institutions, companies and individual innovators from all over the world. It will involve a heterogeneous collaboration among unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned surface vehicles, to perform complex navigation and manipulation tasks in a GNSS-denied environment.

For detailed information about the MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge, visit

This simulator will be enhanced with additional features throughout the simulation phase of the MBZIRC Maritime Grand Challenge.

Get started

Here are some resources to help you get started using the MBZIRC Simulator:

Running the simulation environment





Other Resources