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... reusing existing ROS packages and tools in order to get something running sooner.

Current functionality

  • genidl
    • generates IDL files for msg files (no services yet)
    • the result is placed under share/PKGNAME/dds_idl/MSGNAME.msg
  • genidlcpp
    • generates DDS C++ code from idl files
    • the result is placed under include/PKGNAME/dds_impl/*
  • rclcpp (ROS Client Library C++)
    • provides <rclcpp/rclcpp.h> as single entry point to nodes and pub/sub

How to build

  • ./checkout

    Clones std_msgs and common_msgs into the workspace as well as a patched version of catkin. This command requires the vcs tool, sudo apt-get install python-vcstool or sudo pip install vcstool.

  • source /opt/ros/hydro/setup.bash

    To get catkin and all message related packages.

  • source /SOMEWHERE/release.com

    To get the OpenSplice environment. There is also the my_setup.sh in the prototype folder, which can be modified for your use and sourced instead.

  • catkin_make

    Configures and builds the workspace.


  • All message names and field names use an underscore suffix to avoid collisions with keywords.

  • All messages are nested in a subnamespace dds_impl to avoid collision with existing generated code.

  • Constants can not be defined under the message class in DDS, therefore they are defined in the surounding scope with a prefix.

  • Duration and Time types are currently simply mapped to long long.


  • On OS X, if you get an error like this:

      /usr/local/share/opensplice/cmake/../../../include/opensplice/sys/os_abstract.h:80:23: error: invalid suffix on literal; C++11 requires a space between literal and identifier [-Wreserved-user-defined-literal]
      #define PA_ADDRFMT      "%"PA_PRIxADDR

    then you should go edit that file and add spaces in the two places where they're missing. This problem seems to be fixed in the forthcoming v6.4 of OpenSplice.