@fujita fujita released this Jul 1, 2018 · 57 commits to master since this release

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8e6bd4c GoBGP 1.33
db6683b server: exclude RTC for softreset if not specified
f265c31 * Adding travis config for Codecov - Codecov will need to be given access
00a3b72 Fixing staticcheck errors from linux files
29d0e59 server: Avoid calling os.Exit() in BgpServer.Shutdown()
72bbb96 potential - Found a bug in the python tests
bc4854c timeouts on tests and fixing timeout logic on graceful restart test
fb034c3 fixing some typos and found one conversion bug
1546505 Fixing all megacheck errors.
954562d packet/bgp: Fix length calc when multiple RTM NLRIs
e2752ae api: Use capability.proto in message PeerConf
493d024 api: Define protobuf for BGP Capabilities
92814f7 packet/bgp: Missing New func for BGP Capabilities
3e6eb60 server: fix AddPath to return uuid
267a23c cli: Use api struct in VRF commands
b992c53 api: Use attribute.proto struct in message Vrf
b73933c simple staticcheck issues
0d64c69 Pull regex into variables to prevent the regex to compile in the hotpath
8df79be UT: Remove redundant debug print
5fbd0cb table: support AfiSafiIn Policy Condition match
964bb04 api: Implement Shutdonw()
57f103e api: Implement AddCollector()
000589f api: Implement UpdatePolicy()
c821cfb api: Implement PeerGroup and DynamicNeighbor API
96034c2 api: Add missing fields to Peer struct conversion functions
222bf44 api: Add some fields to notify Graceful Restart state
abe2efc api: Fix StartServerAPI
0c334f5 gobgpd: Use gRPC APIs Instead of BgpServer functions
4c63ed5 config: Change "RedistributeRouteTypeList" to []string
f6d6232 table: arrange fields to reduce padding
417f8ba api: Use api/attribute.proto structure in gRPC API
84987fb api: Define protobuf structure for BGP Path Attributes
34acacd gobgp/lib: Remove usage of utils of "gobgpapi"
a7f58e3 gobgp: fix mrt inject only best option
6da3694 table: fix Clone() to inherite the attribute hash value
ea91729 cmd: don't display uptime for a BGP session if no uptime information
c877bb7 packet/bgp: use 71 for BGP LLGR capability code
313f244 server: fix GetRib() with rpki
789e246 table: fix potential panics in tableKey
98e7b82 config: Improve golint results
b285fb2 config: Accept CLUSTER_ID as an integer value
c783280 cmd/rpki_test: Unit test for showRPKITable
5d15b3f table: support nexthop match policy
5c506b6 Fix: ruby client failed with "Enum value '_' does not start with an uppercase letter as is required for Ruby constants"