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4067827 v2.0.0
4e862fa zebra: Introducing MIN_ZAPIVER and MAX_ZAPIVER. And avoiding double close channel when sequential retry to connect zebra.
67947ee Fix incorrect values in BMP Statistics Report(type 7 and 8)
bbc85d4 server: kill getNeighbor()
d7e5bf2 fix bmp statistics
c83d234 docs: add project layout description to BUILD
d2da513 docs: fix outdated comment of the gRPC API examples
48fa25d docs: delete outdated java/nodejs/ruby gRPC API examples
bb1bbdd docs: update C++ gRPC API example
28d96f9 docs: update python gRPC API example
8e7741a api: rename ValidationDetail to Validation
8d0a8b0 make the usage of type name in protobuf consistent
ababf30 make Add/Delete/ListPath APIs symmetric
5d008d7 docs: add BUILD.md, development guide
46e3754 server: replace tomb with context
598bba9 server: use Dialer Control method instead of hack to modify connection before dialing
831b33f fix typo in zapi.go: LABLE -> LABEL
7ebcb44 server: fix nil pointer error when apply policy
9d90614 README: use now.sh instead of bluemix.net for slackin
301b485 support received, accepted, and advertised counters per family
a5763c2 api: remove AddPaths from Peer and PeerGroup
7ec6a96 api: move RouterId to PeerState from PeerConf
ae52d60 typo fix
a6aaf55 minor cleanup: update Gopkg.lock and erase redundant nil set
79a461c api: move remote_cap and local_cap to PeerState from PeerConf
dbd0c21 server: fix handleRouteRefresh and softResetOut
6b05d9d api: rename NlriAny in api.Path to Nlri
8856dd5 server: fix handleRouteRefresh()
c1bca25 use google/protobuf/timestamp.proto
893dbd5 packet: fix ValidateAttribute() to handle ipv6 addresss
62076da packet: fix NewPathAttributeNextHop() to handle ipv6 addresss
2dddaef travis: fix go vet
7923913 Add quotes to short option value
fa387c9 Fix Statistics Report in BMP
99b2724 server: change List API design
91dd606 server: fix inconsistent receiver name warnings
b3191fc server: unexport BgpServer's Listeners()
528f751 add anyNlri toPathApi when path.IsWithdraw
f0aaac4 server: Fix wrong value of RouteMonitoringPolicy from grpc
9cad94f cmd/gobgp: don't use timeout context for requests
0eb3dce Fix intervals for MRT
4cc7a81 Support AdminDown from config
99556f9 server: change monitor API design
289fc39 server: avoid deadlock
eebc729 server: avoid deadlock
360f728 server: avoid deadlock
076d019 make gRPC server private
061c946 server: fix deadlock regression
6cc82ff added timestamp
809f941 docs/lib.md: add PeerMonitor API
345b848 server: Fix some values are all off by one in MRT TABLEDUMP_V2
52c6ef3 server: Fix timestamp when msg is nil
b48c561 server: Add PeerTable API
d4e0418 server: Add PeerMonitor API
df8ad76 server: unexported Watcher stuff
96c129e gobgp: merge cmd package into main
4c66cd4 gobgp: unexport cmd/
4334400 server: fix isIBGPPeer() to handle local-as configuration
5ab4575 api: fix regression that match set option has no default value
60202fc remove influxdb from dependency
2ed0b96 gobgp: replace deprecated grpc WithTimeout
e823271 gobgp: delete c-shared-lib
a88d561 server: unexport const
5a2985e server: unexport fsm stuff
8bccb42 Use assertEqual in python tests
c8694bc server: unexport Peer adn PeerGroup
0b4d946 server: unexport TCPDialer/TCPListener/TCPSockopt stuff
4cd45f4 server: unexport NewRoutingPolicyFromApiStruct()
d91fb3d server: remove collector support
f362cb2 server: unexport prki
03cc4f4 server: make NewNeighborFromAPIStruct() and NewPeerGroupFromAPIStruct() unexported
f8bea14 server: make NewGlobalFromAPIStruct() unexported
18b87c3 server: make NewRoaListFromTableStructList() unexported
f1c55ca server: make NewPolicyFromApiStruct() unexported
3e95078 move NewAPIRoutingPolicyFromConfigStruct() from server/
5d7ecf5 move NewAPIPolicyAssignmentFromTableStruct() from server/
d032c31 move exported functions to generate api structs from config struct in server/
23ae91c fix: nil pointer in PrefixSet Append
8fc094c server: deal with mac mobility seqence number in path from api
2bd4afc table: compare etag and peer ip in mac mobility
2bdb76f Supporting Zebra API version 6 which is used in FRRouting version 6
329c2d3 api: add GwAddress to EVPNIPPrefixRoute
94e70ba cli: fix nil pointer in showNeighbor
98d4679 fsm: get rid of dead lock
70d3ddf pyang_plugins: Fix an import path
c33f142 pyang_plugins: Improve pylint and pycodestyle results
9420a66 cli: Support Color Extended Community
dec0c7d tools: update pyang_plugins/README.rst
d50f1fe test: fix get_reachability()
4391b84 support go1.11
9a03234 fix closing listening socket blocked
475818d api: remove unused members
97ad6b3 api: change Family
23ac6eb test/lib: Enable static IP address
e792901 test: Fix bridge methos and relative scenario test
acfc9ad Release read lock before calling llgrFamilies
008c961 policy cleanup
7e07240 test/lib: Fix pkill command syntax for BusyBox
b45e3fa test/lib: Change shell for init script
d6a5e9f pkg/server: ListPolicyAssignment() returns all assignments by default
cbfa5c5 Add CODEOWNERS file
edbedeb ZAPI5 (FRRouting version 5) support
7525403 table: remove DIRECTION_IN completely
f61858a pkg/packet/bgp: Fix NewEVPNMacIPAdvertisementRoute() to use correct MAC length
08cd29e ignore duplicate RTC Membership announcements
540ee75 pkg/server: handleUpdate() should not inject echo route from RR
f0b7248 pkt/server: ListPolicy() and ListStatement() support filtering like ListDefinedSet() and ListPolicyAassignment()
0b6486f gobgp: fix peer state print
834fb80 fix library usage example
840807a pkg/server: public APIs use structures in api/
71e56c5 rpc cleanup
3dc23d3 pkg/packet/bgp: fix ParsePmsiTunnel() and NewPathAttributePmsiTunnel() crash
1cf93d5 fix path to lib directory
c3e41d8 pkg/server: send all families (including RTC) after deferral time expired
775ed7a fix unittest warnings with go tip
fb999f3 fix races and enable race detector in unittest
695fb52 use function Equal() instead of build-in compare
e64870d fix goreleaser to build static binaries
dae80bd pkg/server: enable active connection with graceful restart
bcf31a3 fsm: Connect to bgp peers regardless of whether the peers are restarting
42cc25d cmd/gobgp: use different grpc port for rpki_test
9c591a9 cmd: fix error when delete policy statement
1798242 cmd: implement ebgp-multihop-ttl option when add neighbor
dd73531 fix missing EbgpMultihop config
07f47b7 remove package dependency except for grpc in api/
26aed14 delete tools/route-server
c4775c4 follow Standard Go Project Layout
b307975 delete gobmpd
9cd6291 api: move api/policy.go to gobgp/cmd/
e4031c1 api: decrease the dependency
69f866a Fixing all megacheck errors.
9ae3006 cmd: Implement PrettyString()
2e01692 cmd: Remove table/ usage in policy.go
cd1e60d table: Sort in table package
1dc0124 cmd: Remove table/ usage from neighbor.go
cc92e7e gobgp: fix client.AddPath to use api.Path instead of table.Path
00e9610 gobgp: replace table.TableInfo usage with api.TableInfo
51dad96 api: remove table/ usage in util.go
6192f90 config: Copy afi-safi objects from peer group to neighbor instead of share the same array