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"id": 1064,
"name": "Leather vambraces",
"members": false,
"tradeable": true,
"tradeable_on_ge": false,
"stackable": false,
"noted": true,
"noteable": true,
"linked_id_item": 1063,
"linked_id_noted": null,
"linked_id_placeholder": null,
"placeholder": false,
"equipable": false,
"equipable_by_player": false,
"equipable_weapon": false,
"cost": 18,
"lowalch": 7,
"highalch": 10,
"weight": 0.226,
"buy_limit": null,
"quest_item": false,
"release_date": "2004-03-29",
"duplicate": false,
"examine": "Better than no armour!",
"wiki_name": "Leather vambraces",
"wiki_url": "",
"equipment": null,
"weapon": null
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