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Dragon/COCO port of AGD
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AGD suite for converting, compiling and running AGD games on a Dragon/COCO

			BAT files for the AGD-CoCoDragonSuite

  • a params = compile + assemble + create diskimages [+ create folder] into _OK
  • am params = same but for all .AGD files in the directory. Carefull same params for all of them!
  • b params = compile + assemble + create diskimages

  • btc params = compile + assemble + create diskimages + run Coco emulator
  • btd params = compile + assemble + create diskimages + run Dragon emulator

  • cm = compile C-program + copy to appropriate dir

  • cv params = convert snapshot to AGD file. params [b d] (Big, Dither)
  • cvd param = converts one snapshot (applying param and forcing d (dithering))
  • cvdm param = same as before for all snapshots in folder
  • cvm param = convert all snapshots (applying same parameter). param [b]

  • p params = adds Pannels from Screens to already compiled games disks [3|4][x|d]

  • see params = shows on a Dragon emulated the selected screen. params [3|4] [x|d]
  • seed = shows on a Dragon emulated the selected screen. if not received, forces param [4]

  • split = splits AGD file into pieces and puts them into an VDK same . Carefull will conflict with game disk!!
  • spledit = splits AGD file and starts XRoar to edit the graphic parts

  • view = opens Tony Viewer v1 to se the contents of an AGD file

  • z params = [cut/reorder 6912 bytes ZX-SCR files | ALL files +] add to Coco/Dragon disk images
  • w = split Coco/Dragon disk images from _OK folder to separate destination folders in _TEST

  • b can be used to verify the total binary length to determine if params RFLAG, BFLAG are needed
  • btc and btd will be used to verify if the binaries work well on each machine
  • seed forces param 2 to de D (dragon)

Normal Procedure for one game or multiple games:

  • copy the sna file(s) to ..\AGD-DragonSuite
  • use cv to generate the .AGD file for each game
  • modify / correct any known errors in these AGD files
  • use a params to create a folder in _OK with all the files related to (one game) or am params for the same applied to all agd files
  • IF we want a PMODE3 executable, then do a params to add to previously generated disks the PMode 3 binaries
  • to copy all the 'special' intro screens you'd like for these games in same PMODE into folder SCREENS
  • use z [3|4] [x|d] to cut length and/or re-order image from ZX format to 6809 format These images will be added to the (pre-existent) disks in _OK as INTRO[3|4].BIN If you have screens 6144 length that are NOT ZX-like, use param "d", else param "x"

If you want to test all the created disks

  • use w This will copy all of the VDK / DSK files into (pre-existent) subfolders named "D" and "C" respectively
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