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OSSBuild-mingw provides a build system based on jhbuild to build open source software using Mingw/Msys for Windows. It extends jhbuild, wrapping several of its commands and providing new ones that are specific to this build system. It also provides a default configuration and a set of modules that is ready to use both on Windows and Linux
On Windows:
* Git:
* Python (2.7):
* setuptools:
* PyGtk (all-in-one installer):
* MinGW-get (install all packages):
We recommend using Console 2.00 instead of the default MinGW's terminal emulator. To install it, run:
$ mingw-get install msys-console
$ console-config
On Linux:
* git
* python
* python-setuptools
* libtool
* autoconf
* automake
* cmake
* glib2-devel (glib-genmarshal)
* bison
* yasm
* flex
* Install Python27 with wine: $wine msiexec /i /path/to/installer/python2.7.msi
Install ossbuild
1. Checkout sources:
Create a directory to work in.
$ git clone git://
$ cd ossbuild-main
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
2. Install
as root, systemwide:
$ python install
or as user:
$ python install --prefix ~/prefix
3 Bootstrap (install the default toolchain and extra headers like the DirectX ones)
$ ossbuild setup
$ ossbuild update_moduleset
Configuring ossbuild
OSSBuild has two configuration files, ~/.ossbuild/ossbuildrc and ~/.ossbuild/ossbuildenv.
1. ossbuildrc
Configration file for the build system similar to the jhbuild one.
You can use this file to override the default values (set in /path/to/repo/ossbuild/defaults.ossbuild)
The installation step will create one for you changing the path of the modulesets directory:
modulesets_dir = '/home/user/git/ossbuild/modulesets'
2. ossbuilenv
Configuration file used to override environment variables. This file is loaded before the defaults one,
allowing setting the environment variables HOST and TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX, which are used to use a custom toolchain.
Using ossbuild
Since ossbuild uses jhbuild, you can use most of the jhbuild commands (see
1. List modules
$ ossbuild list -a
2. Update modules list
$ ossbuild update_moduleset
3. Build
$ ossbuild build gstreamer
Building for W64
Builds for 64bits are not supported yet, but you can still try using the
W64 toolchain provided by mingw-w64 and send us patches :)
You only need to change the default toolchain as explained in the next section
Changing the default toolchain
We strongly reccomend using the default toolchain, installed with the 'setup'
command. If you still want to use a different toolchain, you should edit the
environment file (~/.ossbuild/ossbuildenv) and change the host triplet
and the toolchain prefix. On Fedora 15, to use the system's cross-compiler you
can use:
os.environ['HOST'] = 'i686-pc-mingw32'
os.environ['TOOLCHAIN_PREFIX'] = '/usr'