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add note about core.autocrlf git option to README

Add a paragraph to the README file recommending that Windows users turn on
the "core.autocrlf" option in git before checking out the project to make
editing easier.
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ossguy committed May 23, 2009
1 parent 887c114 commit 3786ca9b646c9aba4d22d87ddfa5a49fd93da86b
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@@ -2,6 +2,11 @@ This is the README for libbitconvert, a library that decodes bits from magnetic
stripe cards into the ALPHA and BCD formats and provides a list of fields and
values for cards described in the formats file.
+Before checking out the project on Windows, please turn on the "core.autocrlf"
+option in git (run "git config --global core.autocrlf true"). This will convert
+newlines in the checked out files into Windows-style newlines so that editors
+like Notepad can read them easily.
To build the library and test driver, run "make" from the root directory. This
should work on any POSIX system with a C compiler, such as Ubuntu with build
tools (run "sudo apt-get install build-essential"), Mac OS X with Xcode, or

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singpolyma May 24, 2009

That option really should be default on windows gits :S :P

That option really should be default on windows gits :S :P

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