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Commits on Mar 2, 2009
  1. update code to use consistent bracing conventions

    This is purely a coding style update.  Most of it is moving braces to be
    consistent with the other code.  Some braces were also added for
  2. make each field_name dynamically allocated

    Each field_name (one element of field_names) is now dynamically
    allocated.  This allows the field name to be copied via strcpy directly
    into the field_name.
    The field_names array is now NULL-terminated.  All lines of code that
    depended on the previous behavior (empty string-terminated list),
    including one in the test driver, have been updated with this new
    This change also removes BC_FIELD_SIZE, which is no longer needed
    because there are no more statically-sized string buffers, only
    statically-sized arrays that store strings.
  3. decoded track data is now dynamically allocated

    To implement this update, the following changes were made:
    - bc_decode_format interface changed to accept char** and drop length
    - bc_decode_format performs memory allocation for decoded track data
    - BC_*DECODED_SIZE were removed
    - bc_decoded_free was added to free the allocated decoded track data
    - driver now checks for NULL decoded track data (previously unneeded)
    As a side effect of updates to bc_decode to use the new bc_decode_format
    interface, the code for accepting input data was also made more robust
    by adding checks for NULL input track data.
Commits on Feb 27, 2009
  1. memory for struct bc_input now managed by user

    Instead of being statically-allocated in the library, the memory for
    struct bc_input is now managed by the user of the library.  The test
    drivers have been updated to reflect this; they each allocate their own
    static buffers which are passed into the struct bc_input.
    As a side-effect, bc_combine now allocates memory since it is the owner
    of the struct bc_input "combined".  The user of bc_combine must thus
    free the output using the new function bc_input_free.
    Because of the change, bc_init no longer accepts a struct bc_input
    because no initialization is required anymore.  This also eliminates the
    meaning ambiguity with the function name -- does it mean initialize a
    struct bc_input or initialize the library?  It now means initialize the
Commits on Feb 12, 2009
  1. add error callback function

    The library user can supply an error function that takes a string and
    presents it to the end-user in some way.  This functionality is
    currently unused; uses will be added shortly.
  2. add bc_strerror for printing nice error messages

    Add the bc_strerror function to provide user-readable error messages
    given an error code.  Update the driver to use bc_strerror.
  3. move field decoding into bc_find_fields

    The field decoding part of the library has been broken out of bc_decode
    and put in bc_find_fields instead.  In the case of an error, this makes
    it easier for a user of the library to see where that error occurred:
    during the bit decoding stage or the field decoding (finding) stage.
Commits on Jan 23, 2009
  1. add ISC licence in COPYING and file headers

    Apply the ISC licence and a name and description to all code files and
    add the contents of the licence to COPYING.  The formats file does not
    include the licence as that would unnecessarily complicate the file.
Commits on Dec 6, 2008
  1. expose the encoding type through the driver

    Previously the driver did not print the encoding type, even though that
    information was returned in struct bc_decoded.  Now the encoding is
    printed along with the rest of the information in struct bc_decoded.
    This changes adds the encoding_to_str function to the driver.  This
    function should probably be in the library.  I will add it to the
    library once I determine what the standard way is to do constant to
    string conversions.
Commits on Dec 1, 2008
  1. change name from special field to struct element

    Make name an element in struct bc_decoded instead of a specially-handled
    field in the fields list.  This is much cleaner.
    Fixed a minor bug that may have caused garbage to be returned if the
    formats file were empty.  Now initializing the name and fields list
    before starting to process the formats file.
    The last commit (9dfe947) introduced a minor bug fix to correct the
    value of rc if bc_decode_track_fields on track 3 returns 0.  The fix
    failed to make the commit log so it is being mentioned now.
  2. add warning about potential BC_TRACK_* changes

    The library user is now warned about possible changes to the BC_TRACK_*
    constants, which would make printing of track numbers more complicated
    as clean integer mappings might not be possible.
  3. add track number to each field

    This change provides to the user the track number where the data for
    each field can be found on the input card.  It also introduces the
    BC_TRACK_* constants to properly specify the track numbers.
Commits on Nov 18, 2008
  1. multi-track awareness, no malloc, fields change

    The main change here is that bc_decode now processes all tracks at once
    instead of processing each track individually.  The library now uses a
    struct bc_input and struct bc_decoded to specify the input and output
    data.  All parts of the library and driver work with this change.  There
    are still some minor issues, including track awareness in the field
    list, but they will be fixed soon.
    The other main, but less important, change is the removal of all
    dynamic memory allocation.  This was done after analyzing the memory
    footprint tradeoff of static allocation, which turned out to be around
    20 kilobytes.  Since that size will only be an issue for very tiny
    embedded devices, static allocation was chosen.  This change also allows
    the library user to take advantage of the buffers created by the library
    instead of allocating its own.
    A minor change included in this commit is a change in the storing of
    field data.  Instead of using one array that contains field names in the
    even indices and field values in the odd indices, this version uses
    separate arrays for the names and values.  This simplifies the code a
    fair bit and makes it easier to read.  The change was made easier by the
    decision to use static allocation (no need to optimize on the number of
    malloc calls).
  2. fix printf string if size_t is bigger than int

    On 64-bit systems, size_t might be larger than int so the compiler may
    warn about printing a size_t using %d.  Since the length of
    will never be larger than an unsigned long, it is safe to downcast this
    and use %lu instead.
Commits on Nov 15, 2008
  1. switch from manual version tracking to git

    At the time of the switch, the version numbers from the manual version
    tracking system were as follows:
    040	bitconvert.c
    011	bitconvert.h
    020	driver.c
    005	formats
    005	Makefile
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