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@jcelerier jcelerier released this 14 Apr 22:19

New features

  • New process : Geo Zones. Takes a JSON specifying polygons and attributes and will interpolate. Can work in both latitude / longitude or scaled between 0/1. Thanks @aklevy for the cute Spatial category icon!
  • New process: Basic audio file recorder process.
    Screenshot 2024-04-14 203100

  • New process: Shell command / shell script executor. Mostly useful as state process.
    Screenshot 2024-04-14 203249

  • NDI: support for PTZ control of connected cameras.

  • NDI: support for converting frames to UYVY instead of sending RGBA.

  • Many camera support improvements, new camera panel on macOS and Linux to make mode selection simpler (Windows TBD).


  • Initial support for defining devices through avendish
  • Library : allow to copy file path with right click, refactor between system and process library
  • MIDI: suppport for PipeWire backend on Linux
  • Update GUI when a state process is used
  • DMX input & recording support for ArtNet, sACN
  • DMX support for ENTTEC DMX USB Pro Mk2


  • Compatibility with NDI SDK v6 (with NDI_RUNTIME_DIR_V6 pointing to the NDI folder)
  • Raspberry Pi AArch64 : support for Pipewire
  • Build fixes for FFMPEG 7, clang 18
  • Allow texture input devices to have child nodes to allow for instance control parameters on them
  • macOS AArch64 build is finally done on GH actions
  • Many MIDI updates, MIDI input timing accuracy improvements


  • Fix GPIO not saving their state
  • Many CI fixes as usual
  • Fix build of Kinect device
  • Clear initial persistent passes with ISF multipass shaders which may fix artifacts in some shaders in e.g. Nouveau drivers on Linux.
  • Worker API support on GPU nodes
  • Stability and bugfixes to GPU JS support
  • Artnet: multiple bugfixes, allow multiple concurrent artnet devices
  • Bugfix in spline2D / spline3D process due to expression library ExprTK underlying changes.
  • AppImages should now work on any Linux distro thanks to Type2 runtime work.
  • OSCQuery bugfixes, initial support for TouchDesigner OSCquery implementation when using