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OSSMETER is an EU-funded research product that is developing a platform for monitoring the quality of open-source software projects.

What can you do with OSSMETER?

  • Use our hosted web application to monitor and compare projects that interest you:
  • Connect to our [[REST API|rest-api]] to consume the data we've computed in your own applications
  • Download a binary build of the OSSMETER platform and [[run it in your business|running-ossmeter]] to monitor internal the quality of projects
  • Contribute your own metric providers - follow the [[tutorial|how-to-develop-a-metric-provider]] and send us a pull request
  • Contribute an information source manager - follow the [[tutorial|how-to-develop-an-metric-provider]] and send us a pull request

Project Partners

The OSSMETER consortium consists of the following organisations:

  • The Open Group, UK
  • The University of York, UK
  • Centrum Voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Netherlands
  • Universita degli Studi dell'Aquila, Italy
  • The University of Manchester, UK
  • Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Spain
  • Softeam, France
  • UNINOVA, Portugal
  • Unparallel Innovation, Portugal

Get Involved!

If you want to contribute to OSSMETER, just get in touch! Open an issue or send us a pull request, we'll be happy to have you!