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Open Source Society University (OSSU)

OSSU Cohorts

Open Source Society University

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The OSSU cohort program enables students of any OSSU curriculum to study together, learn from each other, and keep each other accountable. It was developed to help those who want to gain well-rounded fundamentals in their respective course, but don't want to do it without the help of others.

We believe in collaboration and community, and cohorts are designed to encourage this.

You can read more about our mission here.

Joining A Cohort

We want joining a cohort to be as easy as possible.

If there is a class you are about to start, we encourage you to join a cohort that already exists. You can take a look at our Github issues to see if there are any upcoming cohorts that will be starting soon. You can also take a look through our Github repo to find a cohort that has already started.

If there is a particular class you are starting and you have not found an existing cohort, then you can use our cohort generator to create a new Github issue, which will allow students to join you in your journey to educational development.

Cohort Roles

Within a cohort there are two possible roles you can take. You can be either a coordinator or a student. When joining a cohort, make sure you specify which role you'd like to take.


Think of a coordinator like a teaching assistant. Your role is to help coordinate the work students are to do for any specific cohort. For instance, a coordinator is responsible for setting the pace of a cohort, organizing regular check-ins with the students, and providing any other help the students may need, within reason. As we develop the cohort program more, a coordinators responsibilities will become more structured.


As a student, it is your job to keep an open mind, and learn new things. Your main responsibility is to study your class at the pace set by the coordinator. You should reach out to your classmates to study together and help keep each other accountable. Most importantly, have fun!

Code of Conduct

OSSU's Code of Conduct.


ps: A forum is an ideal way to interact with other students as we do not lose important discussions, which usually occur in communication via chat apps. Please use our forum for important discussions.



If you are interested in contributing to OSSU Cohorts or the OSSU in general, please read our contributor guidelines.