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Disclaimer: The opinions published herein are the sole responsibility of their authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the OSSU's organization.

Table of contents

Good practices

Before create a new issue:


Many beginner questions can be answered with simple searches, so before posting your question make sure you have done the necessary searches and bring to the issue the data you have found and the data you did not find about the subject.

Search in the internet

  1. If your doubt is about a programming language or a specific tool, search on its respective official documentation.
  2. You can also use favorite search engine. Give preference for results from official documentation and specialized forums like StackOverflow and Mozilla Developer Network (MDN).

Search in the forum

  1. Use the search feature in the top of this repository, or in the issues page.
  2. Search for close topics. Maybe your question was answered in a related issue.

General recommendations

  1. Avoid getting out of the initial scope of the issue. If necessary, create a new one and mention the number of such issue.
  2. If you need some help in your code, provide a code snippet or a gist.

When to create a new issue


Concentrate your doubts on real problems. Include details about what you have tried and exactly what you are trying to do.

Ideally, before you create an issue you should try to solve the problem yourself. Most of the time a brief Google search can help you find a solution.

Remember to research hard before opening an issue, there are good chances your question has already been answered and documented over the internet.


Discussions are always welcome, when formulating an issue, try to be as direct as possible about what you intend to discuss.


Have you discovered a tool, framework or any other resource that can help group members? Do not hesitate to share with us, we are looking forward to your tip.


If your post does not fit into any of the above categories, that's okay. Since it deals with something related to the OSSU organization or OSSU's courses, we will be willing to discuss and help.


To help in the categorization of your issue, include at the end of the issue a line saying what topics your issue is related to.


Labels: computer science, discussion

After you create the issue, one of the OSSU's members will set the labels accordingly with the ones you put on your issue.


  • computer-science
  • data-science
  • bioinformatics
  • ossu
  • discussion
  • question
  • general
  • community
  • news
  • duplicate
  • tools

Code of Conduct

OSSU's code of conduct.


All issues should be opened and replied to in English.


MIT © Open Source Society University