Async Queue Handler for Craft 3
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Async (Background) Queue

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With Craft's job queue you can run heavy tasks in the background. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true, when runQueueAutomatically => true (default), the job queue is handled by a ajax (FPM) call. With many jobs in the queue and limited PHP-FPM processes this can break your site.

This plugin replaces Craft's default queue handler and moves queue execution to a non-blocking background process. The command craft queue/run gets executed right after you push a Job to the queue.

Here you can find the initial discussion I started at craftcms/cms.


Development happens in my free time, but also during working hours. Thanks!


  • Craft 3
  • Permissions to execute a php binary
  • proc_open()
  • PHP ^7.1 (for PHP 7.0 use ostark/craft-async-queue:1.3.*)


cd your/craft-project
composer require ostark/craft-async-queue
php craft install/plugin async-queue

If you run into Composer version conflicts:

composer config platform --unset
composer update
php craft migrate/all
composer require ostark/craft-async-queue
php craft install/plugin async-queue

Configuration (optional)

The plugin uses symfony/process to execute the php binary. Usually the binary is located in /usr/bin/, but other common locations are auto detected as well. With the ENV var PHP_BINARY you can explicitly set the path, e.g. in your .env file like this:


By default 2 background processes handle the queue. With the ASYNC_QUEUE_CONCURRENCY ENV var you can modify this behaviour.

# No concurrency

# Or max 5 background processes

To disable the plugin in certain environments, like on Windows which is not supported yet, set the DISABLE_ASYNC_QUEUE ENV var.



Beside the test suite you can run from the command line with this shortcut: composer tests, you can perform a test in the Craft CP. Navigate to Utilities > Async Queue Test and hit the Run test button.


The command that runs in the background is basically php craft queue/run, however we add some linux specific syntax that executes the command in a non-blocking way. By setting useDefaultDecoration to false you prevent this. You have also the ability to modify the command itself.

// Add handler
     function(\ostark\AsyncQueue\Events\QueueCommandEvent $event) {
         $event->useDefaultDecoration = false;
         $event->commandLine = "BEFORE {$event->commandLine} AFTER";

Under the hood: Process list

Empty queue (only php-fpm master is running)

$ ps auxf | grep php

root      2953  0.0  0.0 399552 13520 ?        Ss   12:27   0:00 php-fpm: master process (/etc/php/fpm.conf)

New job pushed (php-fpm master + child + /usr/bin/php daemon started)

$ ps auxf | grep php

root      2953  0.0  0.0 399552 13520 ?        Ss   12:27   0:00 php-fpm: master process (/etc/php/fpm.conf)
app       3031  2.2  0.2 718520 45992 ?        S    12:31   0:00  \_ php-fpm: pool www
app       3033  1.2  0.2 280936 32808 ?        S    12:31   0:00 /usr/bin/php craft queue/run
app       3034  0.0  0.0   4460   784 ?        S    12:31   0:00  \_ sh -c /usr/bin/php craft queue/exec "1234" "0" "1"
app       3035  1.2  0.2 280928 32280 ?        S    12:31   0:00      \_ /usr/bin/php craft queue/exec 1234 0 1