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Oliver's Dotfiles

My dotfiles, a la

All shell commands below are intended to be run in the dotfiles directory.

Provision a new machine


This can also be used after git pull, to update a machine that has already been provisioned. (This isn't necessary if the only changes were to already-linked dotfiles.)

Warning: This overwrites over existing dotfiles without warning or confirmation.

Update repo from machine

Add unlinked dotfiles

For each dotfile in HOME for which there's a corresponding dotfiles/home/*.symlink target, but the HOME dotfile is not a link to that symlink target, update the dotfiles symlink target, and replace the HOME file by a link to it.

git commit -a 'Update dotfiles'

Add a dotfile

touch home/.rcfile.symlink
git commit -a 'Update dotfiles'

This also ingests and commits any other previously non-symlinked files.

List brews that aren't in the repo

brew bundle cleanup

List casks that aren't in the Brewfile

List apps that weren't installed from a cask or from the Mac App Store. These are candidates for moving to Brewfile.

This script doesn't know about built-in apps such as Mail, or other apps that don't have casks such as Microsoft Office.


List dotfiles that aren't symlinked to dotfiles/home



My .gitconfig and .nprmc contain secrets. The programs that read these files don't expand environment variables, so the standard techniques for removing secrets don't work. And, I don't want to encrypt the whole file, just the sensitive portions. This repo therefore uses a custom git filter, that smudges secrets from the macOS Keychain.

Configure a clone of this repository to read secrets from the Keychain thus:

On a new Mac (that doesn't have the secrets in its Keychain): create entries in the macOS Keychain:

$ security add-generic-password -U -a $USER -c gitf -C gitf -D 'git filter secret' -l GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN  -w …


(NPM_AUTH_SESSION doesn't really need to be synced on the keychain, but npm stores it in .npmrc and I want to keep it out of the repo, so I'm going to war with the hammer I've got.)

On a new or old Mac: Tell git to use the filters in this repo; and apply them to the filtered files:

git config filter.secrets.smudge './filters/smudge_secrets_filter %f'
git config filter.secrets.clean './filters/clean_secrets_filter %f'
git config diff.secrets.textconv './filters/smudge_secrets_filter %f'

Now git commit will remove like-named secrets that are in the named in the secrets file, and git checkout will add them back.

These filters differ from e.g. in that (1) these filters only replace the secret, not the whole file, and (2) these filters completely remove the secret (relying on its presence in another file), rather than encrypting it.

This isn't a general-purpose, production-quality, solution. It's just enough to let me add these files back to my dotfiles repo.