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Example web programs that use the imu-tools npm package to connect via BTLE or MQTT to an ESP32 + BNO055


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IMU Web Client Examples

This directory contains example programs that use the imu-tools npm package to connect to an ESP32 that is running either the MicroPython code in imu-tools, or the Arduino (C++) code in Arduino-BLE-IMU.

Running these examples

To run these examples, run a server such as:

  • (Atom) atom-live-server package
  • (Visual Studio Code) Live Server extension. CLick the Live Server icon in the status bar at the bottom of the window.
  • (Command line) python -m SimpleHTTPServer 5500. (The inclusion of 5500 is not necessary, but makes this compatible with the URLs in the Guide section below.)

A device can be connected either via BLE ("Bluetooth Low Energy"), or an MQTT broker.

To connect to a device via Bluetooth, click the "BLE Connect" button. Unfortunately, this needs to be repeated each time the page is loaded.

To connect to an MQTT server ("broker"), click "Open Controls" and enter the hostname of the MQTT broker, and enter the username and password. If several devices are connected to the same server, the programs will display data from all of them. Enter a device id in the controls to restrict them to only a single device.

A Guide to the examples

(If you run a server at port 5500, as above, you can click on the example names below in order to open them in a browser.)

index.html displays a list of examples in this directory.

3d-model.html is a p5.js sketch that displays the Stanford bunny. The 3d orientation of the bunny is yolked to the IMU orientation. The model is red before the sensor is minimally calibrated, and it fades out when sensor data is not being received. (With the Gravity BNO055, the model mostly stays red.)

This sketch has a lot of features, that make it useful for interaction but difficult to read the code. See 3d-example, below.

The "Calibrate" button resets tells the software that the IMU is currently in home position (rightside up). It is not related to the IMU's built-in calibration feature, that synchronizes the IMU's sensors to each other.

3d-example.html is a simpler sketch that also displays the bunny. It assumes that only a single IMU is connected.

sketch.html is simple p5.js sketch that displays the Euler angles. Use it as a starter templtate for writing p5.js sketches that use the IMU.

dashboard.html displays a directory of web pages in the web directory directory. It is written in React, with Babel to process JSX.

barchart.html displays a live bar chart of sensor data. This is implemented as a p5.js sketch.

chart.html uses HighCharts to display another live graph, that automatically scales the y axis as data arrives.

Additional reading

See the npm imu-tools README for additional documentation for the IMU connection code.




Example web programs that use the imu-tools npm package to connect via BTLE or MQTT to an ESP32 + BNO055