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= JSON for OpenLaszlo

Author:: Oliver Steele
Copyright:: Copyright 2006 Oliver Steele.  All rights reserved.
License:: MIT License.
Version:: 1.0

JSON for OpenLaszlo is an implementation of JSON for the OpenLaszlo platform.  It is an Open Source package available under the MIT License.

== Requirements
Any ECMAScript interpreter or compiler.  (There are {other implementations}[] available for Javascript[] and ActionScript -- the sole benefit of this implementation is that it's compatible with OpenLaszlo[].)

The *.lzx files are OpenLaszlo source files, and require the OpenLaszlo[] SDK.

== Installation
Download the zip file from

== Usage
  JSON.stringify(123) // => '123'
  JSON.parse('123') // => 123

See the header of json.js for additional usage information.

== Examples

Here is a complete OpenLaszlo program that prints a JSON string, and a parsed object, to the debugger:
  <canvas debug="true">
    <script src="json.js">
      Debug.write(JSON.stringify([1729, "argos", {a: 1}]));
      Debug.write(JSON.parse('[1729, "argos", {"a": 1}]'));

For an example of using JSON with AJAX to parse response text, see {json-example.lzx}[json-example.lzx].  This example is also running on the {blog page for this project}[].

== Contents
README:: This file
MIT-LICENSE:: The MIT license
json.js:: The implementation
json-example.lzx:: An example of using json.js with AJAX
data:: A directory of static json files, for use with the example
json-tests.lzx:: Unit tests (using LzUnit)
json-test-data.js:: Data for the unit tests