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P5 PoseNet Recorder

Record a sequence of PoseNet poses as a "movie" to a JSON file, for later playback. This movie includes only the PoseNet data, not the video images.

You have the option to set in and out points (start and end points), before you save the sequence. This allows you to omit the beginning of the sequence — when you move away from the webcam into a position where you can use your whole body – and the end of the sequence – when you move back towards the computer in order to press the "Stop" button.

This project is designed to be used in conjunction with P5 PoseNet Player.


  1. Download this repository and open index.html in a browser. Give it permission to use your camera. You can also use the online version instead of downloading the repository.
  2. Move around. The web page is recording the keypoints.
  3. Press the Stop button.
  4. Drag the slider to review the recording.
  5. Optionally, set an in point and out point, in order to save only part of the recording.
  6. Press Save to save the file to "poses.json". Subsequent saves will save to "poses (1).json" etc., depending on your browser.

If you are recording attempts to interact with elements in the canvas of another sketch, you may find it helpful to take a screenshot of the other sketch and modify sketch.js in this project to load and draw that screenshot. Then you can see where the keypoints are relative to the target elements, as you move your body in order to move the keypoints.


Record a sequence of PoseNet poses to a JSON file, for later playback.