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ShakespearePress is a Wordpress plugin that adds the full text of a Shakespeare play to a Wordpress installation. It was developed as part was created as part of #willhack, a online hackathon run by EDINA ( as part of the JISC Discovery program ( in December 2012.

Each paragraph of text in the play is turned into a Wordpress Post, tagged with Act number, Scene number, and the name of the character speaking (where relevant). A summary page is created, and a page for each main character with links to further resources.

To use the plugin:

Put the code in your /wp-content/plugin directory
Activate the plugin via the Wordpress admin console
After you have activated the plugin go to 'Settings' and you should see a new menu item labelled 'ShakespearePress settings'
On this screen you can choose a play
Click the 'Next' button until all parts of the screen have completed (the final thing is the list of characters will display). If you encounter "500" errors in your browser during the process you should be able to simply refresh the page to continue - the script will attempt to pickup where it left off
Once the list of characters displays on this screen you should be all done - although the Next button still shows, it does perform any useful function once the process has finished.
You should now have a wordpress blog populated with the text of the play, pages for each of the main characters and a summary page
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