🍻 A simple TAP producer and consumer/reporter for Idris
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🍻 A simple TAP producer for Idris and an even simpler consumer

TAP is a terse, minimalistic, text-based protocol for reporting test results. Read more at www.testanything.org

Note: this is just something I hacked together to produce consistent test results for a small Lisp parser: Libra.

Quick Start

Run make to build the library and the conusmer binary and install the library.

Note: make sure to put the draft binary somewhere in your path if you want to use it!

Using the TAP Producer Library

The interface is fairly straightforward, a single function for planning:

plan : (suite : String) -> Vect n (Lazy (IO Bool)) -> IO ()

And you can use it like this:

module Your.Module.Tests

import TAP

testCase : Lazy (IO Bool)
testCase = case compare (1+1) 2 of
              EQ => pure True
              LT => pure False
              GT => pure False

myTestSuite : IO ()
myTestSuite = plan "Some description" [
  Delay (testCase),

So it's almost compliant with the interface of current Idris tests:

  1. add Your.Module.Tests.myTestSuite to the list of tests in your *.ipkg file and
  2. run idris --testpkg *.ipkg

And you should see an output like:

ostera λ make test
TAP version 13
ok 1
not ok 2

Why Lazy (IO Bool)

I figured that some tests might want to perform some side-effects (reading a fixture file sounds like the most likely scenario) and if I didn't include the wrapper at this point we'd need to also provide an IO-aware version of plan.

Feel encouraged to challenge and teach me why this is the wrong approach.

Using the draft consumer utility

The binary itself reads TAP output, so you can pipe the output of your test command into it:

ostera λ make test | draft
# ok 2
# not ok 1
# skipped 0
# summary 2/3 tests, 67% okay

It's extremely simple but it gives me something to work with for the time being.


This is a list of things I'd like the TAP producer to eventually produce the following parts of a typical TAP output:

  • TAP version 13
  • # Description
  • 1..N
  • ok 1
  • not ok 2
  • ok 3 with a test case description
  • ok 4 # TODO with an explanation
  • ok 5 # SKIP with an explanaation

But it'd also be nice to have a consumer of the output to produce more interesting reports, such as:

  • # ok 4
  • # not ok 1
  • # skipped 0
  • # todo 0
  • # summary 1/5 tests, 80.00% okay