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tldr.jsx Travis-CI

πŸ“š A Reactive web client for tldr-pages. Try it here.

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  • Unique URIs, to easily share any tldr-page!
  • Mobile-first-ish, to take with you anywhere!
  • Fully Reactive, embracing ES6, RxJS, FlowType and React for great win! on desktop and mobile views


As tldr-pages advances, new features can be planned. Some are:

  • Autocompletion, freeing you from remembering all those command names
  • Search, letting you search through all the pages and commands content to find what you want

See the issues page for a list of planned enhancements and features.

Collaboration Setup

It requires a working node environment with npm, and make.

  • make to prepare the workspace and do the first build from scratch
  • make build, for a development build
  • make test, to run the test suite
  • make lint, to lint the source
  • make check, to type-check everything
  • make package, to create a distributable package

Serve locally as you wish, I prefer static-server.

But what about Y or X and File Watchers!

File Watchers never really manage to work the way you want them to, so I ended up using ostera/watch for auto-building, auto-testing, auto-anything.