Visualizing effects carbon pricing and projected energy use.
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Carbon Pricing Graphs

This is a set of four graphs illustrating RFF's Summer 2018 Resources article on carbon pricing for the US energy sector

About the code

The graphs are all based on Highcharts with varying degrees of extension and customization. The first two are animated line graphs with multiple series; the second two are stacked column graphs that animate when different carbon-tax scenarios are selected.

To edit

  1. Install npm
  2. Clone the repository.
  3. Run npm install in the directory of your repository to install Grunt and other dev dependencies
  4. Start a dev server such as python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  5. Run grunt watch to convert the SCSS into CSS, lint the HTML and JavaScript files when they are edited, and transpile the ES6 index.js file into pre-ES6 compatible code.

Note that editable dev files are in /dev-css and /dev-js folders, respectively. Files in /css and /js folders are emitted by the build process and should not be edited directly.

To deploy

  1. Run grunt postcss to automatically add any necesary vendor prefixes to the css and emit a build file to the /css folder. Run grunt cssmin to minify the .css file to .min.css. Run grunt uglify to minimize the javascript.
  2. The live code exists inline in the body of a page on RFF's site
  3. To edit the live page, cut and paste css/styles.min.css, js/index.js and the relevant bits of index.php into the right places in the content body. Existing page content is commented to make this clear.