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BIF functions not showing in completion #25

aberman opened this Issue · 5 comments

2 participants

  1. Open an Erlang file
  2. Go into a function and type erlang:is_

Actual: None of the is_ functions are showing (e.g. is_record, is_binary, etc.)

Expected: All of the functions exported in erlang should show in the completion list.


i believe these are native implementations: i've looked into ./erts-5.9/src/erlang.erl, and there are no is_record/1, is_binary/1, is_list/1, ... function definitions, hence the parser is not finding them.

do you happen to know where these get defined?


Unfortunately I have no idea, since they're not in erlang.erl. I'm going to assume that since erlang is in the erts package that there is some C stuff going on there as well which might account for them.


yes, these are BIF and by convention show up as being in the erlang module.

i was asking if you know in which module they might be implemented, but actually it doesn't matter i'm probably gonna add these manually to the completion.

ps: updated title to appropriate issue name.


fixed: 6f7ac48

@ostinelli ostinelli closed this

Cool, looks good!

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