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There's a fair amount of stuff in this release, but the `ostree admin
unlock` command has me the most excited.  It actually starts to take
us all of the way back to one of the original visions of OSTree, which
was to make it easy for people to develop/hack on the OS locally,
making it easy to "roll back" to a known good state.

If you found *developing* using an OSTree managed system painful, I
think `ostree admin unlock` command goes a long way towards fixing
that.  There is more to do here, but give it a try!

Other notable changes:

Alexander Larsson and Giuseppe Scrivano both worked on caching the
`summary` file, to avoid redownloading more data than we need to just
to detect "nothing changed".

Colin Walters committed 'lib: Introduce versioned symbols' which is
important for consumers of the shared library to note.

There are updates to the manual, including a new section on writing
buildsystems designed to use OSTree.  Expect more content like this.

Speaking of the shared library some APIs were added so that projects
like rpm-ostree can more precisely watch the sysroot.

Following is a shortlog with the most significant other commits;
thanks to all contributors!

Alexander Larsson (4):
      rofiles-fuse: Fix permission comparison
      pull local: Don't import objects we already have

Colin Walters (33):
      repo: Add ostree_repo_get_dfd()
      tests: Port to glib-tap.mk, make `make check` run all of the tests
      deploy: Bump the mtime on ostree/deploy after deployments finish
      lib: Add ostree_sysroot_init_osname() API, bump mtime
      lib: Add ostree_sysroot_load_if_changed() API
      docs: Add a section on writing buildsystems
      contrib/golang: Initial golang bindings
      libglnx porting: gs_fd_close -> glnx_fd_close
      (And more)
      manual: Migrate related projects wiki page into manual
      deploy: Handle a read-only /boot
      Use GSubprocess instead of GSSubprocess (libgsystem removal)
      admin: Add an `unlock` command, and libostree API

Dan Nicholson (2):
      prune: Don't fail on partial commits
      traverse: Require variant when traversing dirtree

Giuseppe Scrivano (12):
      ostree-repo: new public function `ostree_repo_list_refs_ext`
      refs: allow to specify multiple refs as args
      refs: add tests
      libostree: Adjust `cleanup_ref_prefix` to use ostree_repo_list_refs_ext
      refs: Add argument --list to print the full ref name
      pull: cache summary and summary.sig
      repo: use the skip summary download optimization for repo_remote_fetch_summary
      prune: delete all cached summaries files
      tests: add test for summary file caching

Micah Abbott (1):
      docs: Cleanup Markdown

Simon McVittie (3):
      tests/admin-test.sh: add #!/bin/sh
      Skip test_libarchive_ignore_device_file if we cannot write xattrs
      test-libarchive: fix underlinking

Stef Walter (1):
      Fix building without libarchive

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