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Persons API

Get persons resource related data. This repository also contains the original ID Images API.

Generate Keys

HTTPS is required for Web APIs in development and production. Use keytool(1) to generate public and private keys.

Generate key pair and keystore:

$ keytool \
  -genkeypair \
  -dname "CN=Jane Doe, OU=Enterprise Computing Services, O=Oregon State University, L=Corvallis, S=Oregon, C=US" \
  -ext "san=dns:localhost,ip:" \
  -alias doej \
  -keyalg RSA \
  -keysize 2048 \
  -sigalg SHA256withRSA \
  -validity 365 \
  -keystore doej.keystore

Export certificate to file:

$ keytool \
  -exportcert \
  -rfc \
  -alias "doej" \
  -keystore doej.keystore \
  -file doej.pem

Import certificate into truststore:

$ keytool \
  -importcert \
  -alias "doej" \
  -file doej.pem \
  -keystore doej.truststore


This project uses the build automation tool Gradle. Use the Gradle Wrapper to download and install it automatically:

$ ./gradlew

The Gradle wrapper installs Gradle in the directory ~/.gradle. To add it to your $PATH, add the following line to ~/.bashrc:

$ export PATH=$PATH:/home/user/.gradle/wrapper/dists/gradle-2.4-all/WRAPPER_GENERATED_HASH/gradle-2.4/bin

The changes will take effect once you restart the terminal or source ~/.bashrc.


List all tasks runnable from root project:

$ gradle tasks

IntelliJ IDEA

Generate IntelliJ IDEA project:

$ gradle idea

Open with File -> Open Project.


Copy configuration-example.yaml to configuration.yaml. Modify as necessary, being careful to avoid committing sensitive data.


Build the project:

$ gradle build

JARs will be saved into the directory build/libs/.


Run the project:

$ gradle run

Contrib Files

Any code that contains intellectual property from a vendor should be stored in Github Enterprise instead of public Github. Make the name of the contrib repo in Github Enterprise follow this format using archivesBaseName in


Set the value of getContribFiles to yes in


Also set the value of contribCommit to the SHA1 of the desired commit to be used from the contrib repository.


Files in a Github Enterprise repo will be copied to this directory upon building the application.

$ gradle build

Contrib files are copied to:


Base a New Project off the Skeleton

Clone the skeleton:

$ git clone --origin skeleton my-api
$ cd my-api

Rename the webapiskeleton package and SkeletonApplication class:

$ git mv src/main/groovy/edu/oregonstate/mist/webapiskeleton src/main/groovy/edu/oregonstate/mist/myapi
$ vim src/main/groovy/edu/oregonstate/mist/myapi/SkeletonApplication.class

Update with your package name and main class.

Replace swagger.yaml with your own API specification.

Update configuration-example.yaml as appropriate for your application.

Update the resource examples at the end of this readme.

Base an Existing Project off the Skeleton

Add the skeleton as a remote:

$ git remote add skeleton
$ git fetch skeleton

Merge the skeleton into your codebase:

$ git checkout feature/abc-123-branch
$ git merge skeleton/master
$ git commit -v

Incorporate Updates from the Skeleton

Fetch updates from the skeleton:

$ git fetch skeleton

Merge the updates into your codebase as before. Note that changes to CodeNarc configuration may introduce build failures.

$ git checkout feature/abc-124-branch
$ git merge skeleton/master
$ git commit -v


The Web API definition is contained in the Swagger specification.

The following examples demonstrate the use of curl to make authenticated HTTPS requests.


This resource returns build and runtime information:

$ curl \
> --cacert doej.pem \
> --user "username:password" \
> https://localhost:8080/api/v0/
{"name":"web-api-skeleton","time":"2016-08-02 14:37:01-0700","unixTime":1470173821035,"commit":"e3d396e","documentation":"swagger.yaml"}

NOTE: you should only specify a certificate with --cacert for local testing. Production servers should use a real certificate issued by a valid certificate authority.


OSU Persons API




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