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New featured collection and top downloads July 2012

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<div class="feature-item">
<div class="feature-item-logo">
- <a href=""><img src="/dspace/static/images/osu-libraries-logo-200px.png"
- alt="OSUL Research, Publications, and Presentations logo" width="200"/></a>
+ <a href=""><img src="/dspace/static/images/67th_color.png"
+ alt="OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy logo" width="200"/></a>
- <h3><a href="">OSUL Research, Publications, and Presentations</a></h3>
- <p>This collection contains publications, presentations, and research of The Ohio State University Libraries' faculty and staff. The faculty of the OSU Libraries is committed to making its scholarship openly available. Starting in July, all Libraries faculty-authored scholarly articles will be deposited in this collection.</p>
+ <h3><a href="">The OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy</a></h3>
+ <p>The OSU International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy had its 67th consecutive annual meeting in June 2012. The subjects covered at the meeting include all experimental and theoretical aspects of rotational, vibrational, and electronic spectroscopy of molecules in the gas phase or in other environments providing relevant spectra. Also included are applications of molecular spectroscopy in related fields such as physics, chemistry, atmospheric science, astronomy, remote sensing and so on.</p>
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<div class="top-downloads">
<h2>Top downloads</h2>
- <h4>June 2012</h4>
+ <h4>July 2012</h4>
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<div class="artifact-title">
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<li class="ds-artifact-item odd">
<div class="artifact-title">
- <a href="">Black Female Agency and Sexual Exploitation: Quadroon Balls and Plaçage Relationships</a>
+ <a href="">A Comparison of Ordinary Least Squares and Logistic Regression</a>
<li class="ds-artifact-item even">
<div class="artifact-title">
- <a href="">The Ohio State University: Aerial view, 1922</a>
+ <a href="">Workplace Bullying and Emotional Exhaustion among Registered Nurses and Non-nursing, Unit-based Staff</a>
<li class="ds-artifact-item odd">
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