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Pancake is a cli pandora client built with urwid for linux.


  • Beautiful, interactive cli interface build with urwid
  • Album art shows as an actual image
  • Thumbs up, thumbs down, or even bookmark your favorite songs and artists


links provided are for arch linux, but as long as you can get them installed on your distro, it should run

Make sure you have the following installed:


  1. Run
  2. Enter your account information (will be saved to ~/.config/pancake/config)
  3. Use up/down to scroll through your stations, use enter to pick one.
  4. Use left/right to switch between the station and command windows.


  • left: Show stations
  • right: Show commands
  • n: Skip song
  • p: Pause
  • s: Stop station
  • u: Thumbs up :)
  • d: Thumbs down :(
  • b: Bookmark song
  • a: Bookmark artist
  • q: Quit


  • No stations show up! First, make sure you actually have some stations on your account. You'll have to go to to add stations for now. Second, check ~/.config/pancake/config and make sure you've entered your email and password correctly

  • No album art! Double check that you have w3m installed, and that w3mimgdisplay resides in /usr/lib/w3m/. Also make sure that you are using an up-to-date terminal running in an x session. If your terminal doesn't display them, let me know.

  • No sound! Is your computer muted...

Known bugs

  • Album art doesn't display correctly in tmux
  • Occasionally crashes when a song finishes, just hit q and start it up again to fix it.


I could not have made all this myself! Huge thanks to the following: