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Ganeti Horizon (Ganeti Dashboard)

Ganeti Horizon is a Django-based project that aims to provide a full web interface for managing Ganeti Clusters and Virtual Machines. It is built on top of the Horizon project, which is the Django app used to build the Openstack Dashboard.

Getting Started

For local development you need to create a virtual environment for the project. Run the following command to create a virtualenv and install all packages required to run Ganeti Horizon:

$ python tools/install_venv.py

You will now need to configure settings, and configure Ganeti Horizon to connect to your Ganeti cluster and Keystone.


You will need to create a local_settings.py file in ganeti_dashboard/local. You can find an example file in there named local_settings.py.example.

$ cp ganeti_dashboard/local/local_settings.py.example ganeti_dashboard/local/local_settings.py

You can add your cluster's authentication information to local_settings.py.

You will also need to configure the keystone endpoint as Ganeti Horizon uses keystone for authentication.


You will need to setup and configure a Ganeti Cluster. The vagrant-ganeti project is a great way to set up a test Ganeti Cluster for development.

The default credentials for vagrant-ganeti are username: vagrant and password: vagrant. These are the defaults set in local_settings.py.example.