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Gitolite hooks

These are a collection of gitolite hooks used by the OSUOSL. Its a handy system that allows you to easily enable/disable and configure any custom git hooks you need from gitolite.

It utilizes a centralized post-recieve hook that will execute hooks in another directory that can enabled or disabled via git config. This isn't completely tied to gitolite itself, however it integrates well.


For now this is a manual installation.

  1. Clone this repo into /usr/local/share/gitolite-hooks
  2. Find where your gitolite installation is at which will generally be in /usr/share/gitolite.
  3. Symlink /usr/local/share/gitolite-hooks/common/post-receive to /usr/share/gitolite/hooks/post-receive. You may need remove the file that already exists.

That's it!


To enable a hook:

config    hooks.enabled   = post-receive-email-infra, github-push

NOTE: Ensure you use a comma as a separator

Check each hook for their individual settings.


Add configure/makefile for installation and make the paths portable. Right now everything assumes a specific path.


This is like any open source project. If you want a pony, you can contribute it via a patch or pull request.

Copyright (C) 2012 Oregon State University

This work is licensed under a Apache License, Version 2.0 (Unless otherwise licensed).