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File metadata and controls

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FTP Scripts


This page is part of the :ref:`ftp-infrastructure` documentation. Please visit that page for an overview.

There are five categories of scripts:

Each is explained here.

Types of scripts

Sync Data from Upstream

  • /data/mirror/bin/run-update
    • Wrapper for scripts to sync and lock.
    • If you need to force an update to a specific project, please do the following on ftp-osl:
$ /data/mirror/bin/run-update <project name> --email
  • /data/mirror/bin/update-master/*
    • Run by run-update to actually sync the data for each tree.
    • Should not be run manually (use run-update instead).

Sync Between Master and Slave

This system of triggering runs on a cron job once per minute, so in theory changes to ftp-osl are propagated very quickly out to the other ftp servers.

  • /data/mirror/bin/run-update - Same use as for pulling from upstream, but pulls from master.
  • /data/mirror/bin/trigger-set
    • Puts a trigger file in /data/trigger/set/tree_name/ on master.
    • The trigger indicates that the master is up-to-date and the slaves can begin pulling data.
  • /data/mirror/bin/trigger-run
    • Used by the slave servers to check for new triggers set on the master.
    • If it tries to remove a trigger that has already been removed, will send an error e-mail. It is safe to ignore this e-mail unless a deluge of errors occurs. Network latency is usually the cause.
  • /data/mirror/bin/trigger-scan
    • Copies set triggers from master to slaves.
  • /usr/local/sbin/mkchroot
    • Creates and sets up chroot used by trigger system.

Control Downloads

  • /usr/local/sbin/i2-check
    • Check if a particular IP address is on the I2 list.
  • /usr/local/sbin/
    • A much faster version of the bash script.
  • /usr/local/sbin/i2-fill
    • Update the mysql database of IP addresses from the I2 list.
  • /usr/local/sbin/ip*
    • Manage temporary iptables blacklist.
    • Accepts any number of IPs/netblocks as arguments.
    • Only affects local box.
    • Won't affect normal firewall; uses mangle table.

Gather Statistics

  • /data/mirror/bin/check-size
    • Goes through trees to find size of each.
    • Info stored in a log file, processed by fir.
  • /data/mirror/bin/gen-header
    • Run manually to update fancy header used on http indexes.
    • Since the output files are in cfengine, need to update those files at the same time.
  • /data/mirror/bin/gen-footer
    • Run every minute to update bandwidth bar.
  • /usr/local/sbin/check-apt-mirror
    • Runs md5sum on every package in specified ubuntu or debian tree.
    • Takes about half a day to run.
  • /usr/local/sbin/logs-* Deprecated??
    • Manage apache and ftp logs instead of using logrotate
    • Run by cron jobs.


  • /data/mirror/ftpsync/bin/ftpsync
    • syncs files with a 2-stage sync to avoid breaking
  • /data/mirror/ftpsync/bin/runmirrors
    • triggers slaves
  • /data/mirror/etc/ftpsync-$project.conf
    • config file for ftpsync to sync $project
  • /data/mirror/etc/runmirrors-$project.conf
    • config file for runmirrors to push $project
  • /data/mirror/etc/$project.mirror
    • config file listing slaves to push
  • see for more info