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This page is an appendix of v1, showing the types most commonly used in the API, like "user" and such. "..." in a field's value means it's obvious, and no explanation is required.


Field name Type Value
id int The ID of the user.
username string The username.
username_aka string Alternative username of the user (cannot be used for login).
registered_on time Date and time of when the user signed up on Ripple.
privileges uint64 Privileges of the user.
latest_activity time Date and time of when the user was last active on Ripple.
country string 2-letter country code, ISO 3166
    "id": 999,
    "username": "FokaBot",
    "username_aka": "",
    "registered_on": "2016-01-11T21:41:20+01:00",
    "privileges": 3075579,
    "latest_activity": "2016-06-24T13:05:27+02:00",
    "country": "IT"


Field name Type Value
ranked_score int64 Sum of all the ranked scores done by the user for this mode.
total_score int64 Sum of all scores done in time for this mode.
playcount int Number of times the user played a map for this mode.
replays_watched int Number of times a play done by this user in this mode has been watched by someone else.
total_hits int64 Number of elements hit (circles, sliders, spinners, fruits...) for this mode.
level float64 Level of the user for this mode.
accuracy float64 Overall accuracy of the user.
pp float64 Weighted PP for this user in this mode. (Currently just an int, though it will get changed to float64 so consider it as a float, not an int)
global_leaderboard_rank int Position in the leaderboard for this user.
country_leaderboard_rank int Position in the country leaderboard for this user in their country.
    "ranked_score": 561601521,
    "total_score": 1507798195,
    "playcount": 1104,
    "replays_watched": 7,
    "total_hits": 52509,
    "level": 61.17723833993767,
    "accuracy": 97.659744,
    "pp": 2147,
    "global_leaderboard_rank": 1418,
    "country_leaderboard_rank": 1


Field name Type Value
id int Badge ID
name string Name/Subtitle of the badge.
icon string Fontawesome class of the icon.
    "id": 2,
    "name": "Developer",
    "icon": "fa-code"


Field name Type Value
beatmap_id int ...
beatmapset_id int ...
beatmap_md5 string Beatmap file MD5 hash
song_name string Name of the song (includes diff name, artist and title)
ar float32 Approach Rate
od float32 Overall Difficulty
difficulty float64 Difficulty in osu! standard
difficulty2 Difficulty Difficulty in all game modes
max_combo int Maximum combo achievable on the beatmap
hit_length int Hit length of the beatmap (from the osu! API)
ranked int Ranked status, see
ranked_status_frozen int There's a reason why it's an int, so store it as an int and not a bool, though of course 1 means it's frozen and 0 means it's not. If this is true, it means that the ranked status cannot change (beatmap ranked manually)
latest_update time datetime of when the beatmap was last updated from the osu! API


Field name Type Value
std float64 Difficulty for osu! standard.
taiko float64 Difficulty for Taiko.
ctb float64 Difficulty for Catch the Beat.
mania float64 Difficulty for osu!mania.


Field name Type Value
id int The score ID.
beatmap_md5 string Beatmap MD5 hash.
score int64 Score obtained playing the beatmap.
max_combo int Maximum combo achieved in the beatmap.
full_combo bool Whether the score was a full combo or not.
mods int Enabled mods.
count_300 int Number of 300s hit.
count_100 int Number of 100s hit.
count_50 int Number of 50s hit.
count_geki int Number of gekis hit.
count_katu int Number of katus hit.
count_miss int Number of misses.
time time Datetime of when the score was achieved.
play_mode int Mode in which this score was achieved.
accuracy float64 Accuracy of the score.
pp float32 PP achieved with the score.
rank string In-game rank of the score (S, A, SS, SSH...).
completed int Whether the beatmap was completed or not (3 or 2)