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Websocket API

Websocket API

This is currently very beta. It may change anytime.

As a branch of the v1 API, there is also an endpoint that gives the possibility to enstabilish an ongoing connection with the server through a websocket. This is mostly useful when you want to be notified when an user you follow sets a score. This way you don't consume your bandwith constantly polling our server and our server doesn't get stressed by the huge amount of connections we get. Everybody wins!

To start a connection, you must connect to this websocket URL:


Once you're connected, you should get a {"type":"connected"} to say you're connected to the websocket, and you can do all of your magic.

IMPORTANT: If you want to avoid getting disconnected for a timeout, it is recommended to send every 1 minute a message of type "ping" with no "data". This will get a response with a message of type "pong".

If you want to see an example of an application done using websockets, you can take a look at ppstream. It's pretty straightforward, and is about 113 lines of JavaScript. You can take a look at the source code here.

Table of Contents

Message structure

All messages exchanged between client and server must always have a type as a string. They may then optionally require or have a field data, which contains the actual data to be passed.

For example:

  "type": "new_score",
  "data": {
    "id": 1550231,
    "beatmap_md5": "d53c5651228156963e518ebffb207106",
    "score": 839982,
    "max_combo": 210,
    "full_combo": false,
    "mods": 1,
    "count_300": 478,
    "count_100": 72,
    "count_50": 6,
    "count_geki": 66,
    "count_katu": 31,
    "count_miss": 23,
    "time": "2017-02-19T19:04:24+01:00",
    "play_mode": 0,
    "accuracy": 86.873924,
    "pp": 18.3,
    "completed": 3,
    "user_id": 7904


  "type": "subscribe_scores",
  "data": []


Message type Explanation
invalid_message_type The message sent is invalid. It contains either malformed JSON, a non-existing type, or was sent incorrectly.
unexpected_error Equivalent of an HTTP 500. An error occurred and the server was unable to fulfill your request.
not_found Equivalent of an HTTP 404. The resource requested could not be found. For instance, in Identify this means the token doesn't exist.


States the token of the client, so that requests for further information may be requested.

Data structure

Message type: identify

JSON object containing the following fields:

  • token, string, the API token to be used to identify.
  • is_bearer, bool, set to true if the token comes from a login using OAuth.


It will trigger a response of type identified, containing some information about the user.

 "type": "identified",
 "data": {
  "id": 1009,
  "username": "Howl",
  "user_privileges": 1048575,
  "token_privileges": 0,
  "application_id": null


> {"type":"identify", "data": {"token": "dabb3a57b71ed2f92a08e9ee288b163d", "is_bearer": false}}
< {"type":"identified","data":{"id":1009,"username":"Howl","user_privileges":1048575,"token_privileges":0,"application_id":null}}

Subscribe to score submission

Subscribes to score submission on the specified users and on the specified game modes.

Data structure

Message type: subscribe_scores

Array of objects with the following fields:

  • user, int, the user to track
  • modes, []int, the modes of the user of which scores to get. If not passed or an empty array [] is passed, it will subscribe to all scores, regardless of game mode.

if null or an empty array [] is passed, the client will get all submitted scores.


Immediately, it will trigger a response to notify the client has been subscribed.

  "type": "subscribed_to_scores",
  "data": []

After that, messages of type new_score containing data of type Score will be broadcasted, containing in the same object also:

  • user_id, int, the ID of the user.
  • user, object, the actual user.
    • id, int.
    • username, string.
    • privileges, Privileges.


> {"type":"subscribe_scores", "data": []}
< {"type":"subscribed_to_scores","data":[]}
< {"type":"new_score","data":{"id":1,"beatmap_md5":"3c8b50ebd781978beb39160c6aaf148c","score":25154,"max_combo":28,"full_combo":true,"mods":0,"count_300":8,"count_100":0,"count_50":0,"count_geki":3,"count_k
< {"type":"new_score","data":{"id":9,"beatmap_md5":"bed18c058f9c14a34f3ae2cf5602f907","score":16671380,"max_combo":648,"full_combo":false,"mods":0,"count_300":936,"count_100":13,"count_50":0,"count_geki":13
< {"type":"new_score","data":{"id":24,"beatmap_md5":"aa6c411be1ec57732da09bea284bd200","score":419394,"max_combo":158,"full_combo":true,"mods":0,"count_300":102,"count_100":0,"count_50":0,"count_geki":31,"c
< {"type":"new_score","data":{"id":26,"beatmap_md5":"3e3bcf5780fceea9db861486e17e4e3f","score":4257994,"max_combo":540,"full_combo":true,"mods":0,"count_300":321,"count_100":3,"count_50":0,"count_geki":79,"

Set Restricted Visibility

Through this message, you can set whether you want to see information (such as scores) pertaining to restricted users.

Please note that this only works if you have identified yourself and you have the user privilege AdminPrivilegeManageUsers.

Data structure

Message type: set_restricted_visibility.

A boolean. Set to true if you want to see restricted users, false if you don't. If this command is not called, the default is always false.


A message of type restricted_visibility_set, containing as data the boolean, which should be the same to that of the set_restricted_visibility message, unless the condition specified in the introduction is not respected.

 "data": true,
 "type": "restricted_visibility_set"


> {"type":"set_restricted_visibility", "data": true}
< {"type":"restricted_visibility_set", "data": true}