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CheeseGull API migration guide

CheeseGull API migration guide

On 2017-10-01, we changed our beatmap mirror from using CheeseGull v1 to using CheeseGull v2 - consequently, the API changed, with some breaking changes.

  • In the type Set, ChildrenBeatmaps2 became ChildrenBeatmaps and what was ChildrenBeatmaps has been removed.
  • Security key is currently not used. This is also because the only method which used it, /api/request, has been removed for the moment. There is no way to request an update of a beatmap (mostly because CheeseGull v2 should be better at keeping beatmaps up to date).
  • You can no longer requests beatmap through /:id.osz - you can only requests beatmaps by requesting /d/:id. If you want to request novideo, you will need to add ?novideo to the URL.
  • /api/search no longer returns an Ok-Message response - it simply returns an array of sets.
  • /api/search is now smarter and returns results ordered by relevance. Also, it will order by ID if no query is given, and by relevance if one is given.