The core libraries, applications, and plugins of the OSVR software platform.
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OSVR Core System

Maintained at

For details, see

For support, see

This is the code and libraries to use when developing with OSVR.

  • For developing plugins, you'll use the @ref PluginKit library.
  • For developing applications using the framework, you'll use the @ref ClientKit library.

Binary Snapshot Documentation

If you're looking at this file in a binary build of OSVR-Core, please seen the BINARY_README file for more targeted information, as this main README file is focused on the source tree.

Source Documentation

See the HACKING file for some development guidelines for working on this code base itself.

If you're looking at the source tree, not a binary snapshot, you may be interested in build docs. You may also be interested in binary snapshots at .

License and Vendored Projects

This project: Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Some directories under /vendor are in fact not external libraries vendored-in, but "internally-vendored" - developed as a part of OSVR-Core, and likewise licensed under the Apache License 2.0, but are logically distinct from the Core in their functionality and are thus kept separate in anticipation of potential splitting off into a separate project at some future point. These include /vendor/comutils and /vendor/dummy-sal.